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Scenes in LUA


Hi, I'm trying to learn how to use Lua, but struggling to get my head around it with no examples, if possible could you post a scene on here with a breif description of what it is, ie the ID and what they are, it would be very much appreciated



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It sounds like we are on the same journey!


To get some examples, try using the BLOCK mode then switch to LUA mode to see the script. 


I'm currently researching the developer forum for some of the script attributes http://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/16054-fibaro-developer/ . Its another forum, another login. It appears to me that Fibaro intel is a bit sparse.


For scenes and other config options, I've also found this a bit handy http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes


I hope that helps.

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