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Cooling with IR Remotec and HCL



Hi forum!


I would like to know is it possible to integrate Fibaro Motion Sensor to be a temperature sensor connected in AC (cooling) panel on IR Remotec sensor ? Then according to set point of temperature to start or stop cooling (AC) in the room..


How it can be done?



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Guest FredrikKarlsson



I don't have a HCL (only a HC2) but I do have a Remotec IR set up, and working nicely outside of Lua too.

So, I think my experiences may be transfered to HCL too.


What you do is that you include the Remotec IR device into the network (preferably USB powered and in routing slave, not FLiRS mode). Then, you (most likely) do trial and error to find the  correct IR code from the library of codes Remotec includes into the device for the brand of ACs that you have. OR you go through the procedure that maps codes to keys on the remote yourself.


Anyway, once this is done, you've got a couple of devices set up in the interface that will let you set fan mode, mode of the AC (heating, cooling,drying, auto...) and you get temperature reading. These devices will work well with the heating panel, as they may act as a thermostat together. You set the IR unit as the thermostat for the room and it will regulate the temperature to what you set up in the heating panel.


This works well, but I would recommend two additional modifications.

First, consider disable the audible feedback from the AC as a response to commands from the remote. The thermostat seems to be doing micro adjustments for me, which means periods of massive beeping depending on your situation. 

Second, consider  using a ON/OFF plug for the AC too. In my case at least, the AC will not be turned OFF completely by the thermostat, even in cases where the AC is obviously not needed. In my case then, the remote (with temperature sensor) is a bit away from the AC, so what can happen is that the AC is not needed due to for instance me having a fire on in cold weather. So, the temperature set point is met according to the thermostat, and the AC does not need to heat. But, the fans will stay open, and then let cold wind in into the house. Not what you want. So, for these occasions I make sure that the AC is turned off via a scene and the ON/OFF plug is in OFF mode so that the AC will not be opened at all regardless of the commands that the heating panel may be issuing. A manual override thing.

What you do is you set up a scene that turns the AC off and then also the plug OFF. Then you have a temperature reading e.g. near the fire place and set up a scene that runs the first scene if the temperature is e.g. > 30 degrees C and the temperature of the Remotec sensor is <25 that runs the first scene once meating this conviction (this is of course just an example, and you can for sure just use one scene here - two scenes are  just so that you can debug this more easily).

Then you set up a scene that enables the AC again, and a scene that runs this scene once temperature near the fire place  is < 25 degrees C again.

This can all be done in blocks, so I think it should also work in HCL.


Ok, so my point is that yes, having an Remotec IR blaster behaving like a thermostat in the heating panel should not be any problem (unless something was changed in recent updates). But, I would recommend considering doing some fine tuning of the procedure, as ACs are a little bit special way of regulating heat.




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On 2017. 01. 31. at 11:25 AM, JamieSonegoAus said:

Does it integrate with the AC Panel?



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