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Wiring schema for a double switch with 3 lightnings


Hello all, 



I've been rebuilding my house and i have this room in which i have a philps hue light in the centre of my ceiling.

This can be controlled by my homecentre 2, which tells the hue bridge what to do.

Some spots are also mounted in the ceiling, they are LED and dimmable and they can be operated by a dimmer2 (tested)

On the wall there are LED lights, this ones are not dimmable.

Also on the wall there is a double switch.


What i want

When using switch A -> spots and wall lights ON/OFF (spots back to the last intensity of light)

When using switch B -> philips hue light ON/OFF (back to the last intensity/color)


i've tried

I tried wiring the dimmer 2 on the ports S1 and S2 and i have the feeling i will get the spors and the philips hue working.

I wanted to put the wall lighting between the switch A  and the S1 port to use this loop to power these spots (so control them by the "old-way" circuit)

I dont dare to divert to far from the existing schema's that are provided.


What i need

What would be a good electric schema for my lights and switches

Can i use my dimmer2 or do i need additional hardware?


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