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Swipe through plywood


I have had a swipe for a while, but only recently tried to install it (custom made bookshelves took a while to turn up).  It works (mostly) if connected to a USB power supply and sat on a shelf, but I was hoping to mount it vertically so that it could be used through the side of the bookcase (20mm ply).  If I lean/wedge it against the inside of the bookcase, it just beeps constantly, as though I am holding my hand in front of it all the time.

Is there a way to calibrate the Swipe for mounting through/under something as opposed to when it is free standing?

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Hello @ash720!


First of all, please make sure that there are no extra metal things in front of our Swipe (for example, some screws or metal bonds).


Then, if it will stay somehow hidden, take of the unnecessary stuff:

Swipe 2.jpg


And place just the "Magic Sensor":

Swipe 1.jpg


Make sure there is no gap between the sensor and the ply.


You're welcome to post some pictures of your installation : )


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