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HC2 - Dashboard - HEating


Hi people, who knows about things,


I'm quite new in HC2 so might this is reason but I don't understand the logic of dashboard.


I have home with 10+ rooms, regulated heating with temp-switch pairs (smoke detector + smart plug or single relay = connected device) and 2 bath-ruums with "real termostates". To monitor overview of climate system I find that Dashboard - Climate - Heating is good for overview but - only my batchrooms appear there. All rest isn't here visible. On mobiile app - all "heated" rooms (together 13 rooms) all are listed on climate view.


My question - why heated rooms aren't listed on Dashboard?


With bests

Henn Sarv

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Absolutely sure

Question isn't about heating panel - all my controlled rooms are there

Question is about DASHBOARD


there You can add different views - one of them is Climate view. On that view is included only termostaat devices not linked heating controllers



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Then I'm afraid that this is not possible. The climate tab shows you only devices like our Heat Controller etc. A wall plug or smoke detector are not thermostats and won't be visible in this tab.

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Guest vipernor

Hi, anybody know if there is an guide in order to get dashboard up and running correctly? 

Alarm and Meters are empty. General Consumption, Upcoming events, Warnings shows no data, and so on. 



Dashboard .png

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