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heating panel issue



I have an issue or maybe it is just lack of knowledge :) , so please let me know .

In one section I have two rooms ( section called first floor, rooms called room1 and room2 ) and one source heating connected to wall plug ( an electric heater) .

So I create linked device for

room 1 - temperature sensor  + wall plug

room2 - temperature sensor2 + wall plug

and also created zones in heating panel , one for each room with other configuration of temperature, and first room is ok but when second room start heating but only for a while becasue temperature in room1 is reached ... please support some how or give some hints :)


And another question regarding fibaro thermostatic head , I have it with temperature sensor , when I set manually  radiator on blue (16 C ) and when temperature on sensor is reaching higher than 16 C  , shouldn't  it close valve ?

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Hi @kickonhigh!


You have a little problem with logic linking here.


You have a zone. That's ok. Then you have two rooms with two different sensors but with one actor, one wall plug, one heating source.


If you linked sensor1 and sensor2 with the same actor, the communication may be different than you would expect. Two sensors will be sending commands to one actor. There may be a moment when sensor 1 will say "enough" but sensor 2 will still be not warm enough. 


You can join them via scene.

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