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Linked device Heating/Cooling/humidity improvement - Adding Hysteresis setting

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I have suggestin for improvement of Linked device (Heating/Cooling/Humidity).


With linked device you can have something like "Virtual thermostat" in the app. But when you reach desired temperature (setpoint) relay is turned off. When measured temperature reaches just below desired temperature, then it immediatelly turn on. In many cases (winter mostly) it will toggle very fast from one state to another and then back. to maintain setpoint. So there is need to protect those relays.


It could be done by thermostat, but what if you have only Fibaro Switch 2 and Fibaro motion sensor and no room for physical thermostat..


Where it helps:

  1. Prevention for unwanted periodical switching (setpoint 24: Switching on when measured 24.99 and off when 24.01). -> It will prolong relays life.
  2. Prolong loads life (boiler, pump, ...)
  3. Switching is hearable, so too many toggles will become anoying. -> Hysteresis reduce anoyance and make user happy.



Jakub Ježek

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