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Unable to add Fibaros door/window sensors to HC2 after firmware update



I'm really pissed by how my HC2 is performing after the last firmware update 4.5.10.

The very short story is:

This HC2 has worked fine for years and I had about 30 devices connected and lot of scens added. The HC2 firmware has been updated regularly without trouble.


This is the workflow I've been through dealing with the last firmware update:

-Backed Up HC2 to internal memory

-Updated the HC2 firmware to 4.5.10

-After the firmware update impossible to access the HC2 .

-Found the HC2 on a new IP-adress leased by the DHCP.

-Could only access the recovery page. No older backups were found/present. A repair was performed, since no other alternativ to recover to old version was present.

-After repair the HC2 had 4.5.10 installed and it was completely empty from devices, settings and scens.  Still no backups present in the recovery page. So no restore or repair or recovery was possible.
-In short the backup/restore function sucks. Not being able to reload/restore the backups made to the internal memory.

So here I am having to manual recover the complete system:

-I have added some wall-plugs and cameras without trouble.

-But when I try to add my old (previously working - before the HC2 firmware update)  Fibaro Door/Windows sensors the HC2 is not finding/adding them. I have tried adding multiple times. I have placed them close to(approx 1m) the HC2. I have tried multiple resets of the sensors. Batteries are new. Still no old door sensors are added. Since the HC2 setup is fresh/empty there is no old devices to remove/delete. Correct?
NOTE: when ever I try to press the TMP button on the back(with the cover and magnet in place) the LED starts to blink in 5-10sec approx. Why is that`?

-But when I tried to add a new (not previously used with this HC2 controller but same generations as the old ones above) door/windows sensor, it was added to the HC2.


How can I get my previously used door sensors to be added to my fresh HC2 setup?


Regards LJA

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Hello. Simply go to Devices tab > press DELETE > press 3x B button on FGDW. Then You can add Your FGDW to fresh HC2.



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In version 4.510, you can no longer use old backups from 4.1XX because they are not compatible.
But you can use the backup in the cloud that the HC2 system automatically created during the update.

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Z-Wave devices will need to be hard reset before it can be re-included into any system. Has the devices which are not able to be included been reset?

You may want to refer to device user manual at manuals.fibaro.com and check out how to reset each type of device.

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