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Non-loaded double switch as scene trigger


Dear all,

One of my Fibaro double switches (v 3.3) only has one load. Can I use the other switch (the non-loaded one, connected to S2) to trigger a scene? (i.e. a remote controller.) I was trying to use "35 value" (deviceid of second switch is 35) in the header of the scene. The scene is triggered when changing the switch state from the web browser, but not when pushing the button.


Is this supposed to work? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks. J

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Make sure that proper scene events are activated under Parameter 28 and 29. (29 in your case when you use S2 as a scene trigger).


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/monthly_2018_09/image.png.ff0f8960f949038a1749d9933f030bcb.png" alt="image.png.ff0f8960f949038a1749d9933f030bcb.png" />

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