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Ceiling light with 2 switches


Hi everybody!


I have a Philio smart button by the door and one by the bed and I want them to control a Aeotec LED bulb in the ceiling. I have tried to set them up so that I can switch the bulb on or off using one or both of the switches, i.e. turning the light on by the door and turning it off by the bed. I have not been able to set it up so that it works properly though and the beep, of course, is too loud for it to be practical in any case, but I am still trying to get it to work. I created one scene per button so that pushing either of the buttons sets the bulb to the opposite state. That didn't really work all that well and when I removed the bulb from the switches association groups, so that I wouldn't get a conflict between direct control from the buttons and the scenes,  I lost the ability to dim the bulb. So my question is this: Does anyone have a solution for me to try with my current hardware setup (2 Philio smart buttons, 1 Aeotec LED bulb and the HC2) or can recommend different (silent) z-wave buttons so I can get this to work? Thanks for any help!


In short I would like a setup that lets me switch the ceiling light on or off from either the doorway or my bedside and also dim the light from either of the two buttons if possible.

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You do not need two scenes for this. You can easily make one that is activated by a shift in both controllers:

These need to be changed to its designated numbers in your system:

1 is switch 1

2 is switch 2

7 is the light

Please login or register to see this code.

Im not sure if this would work for you..

The beebing you are talking about is probably a device specific property that I can not help with.

I dont have many buttons, but Im using the Nodon Octane Remote in the bedrooms for blinds and lights, and that works well for me. 


I can see I forgot the dimming part here, how do you dim with these buttons (physically)?

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  • Hi!


    Yeah, you rotate the dial to dim the light which is why I have to associate the button to the bulb for the dimmer to work. It is possible to do this with LUA also I guess, but I have no knowledge of LUA and it can't be done using available block scenes. From the manual: The button will send Basic set command automatically 1 second after rotating stop. I've attached the manual if you want to take a look.



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