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Dimmer 2 with two wire circuit


Hi all,


I am hoping to get a little clarification.


Firstly: I have a two wire (i.e. no neutral) light circuit with non-dimmable LEDs.  Could anyone confirm whether the Dimmer 2 will work in this scenario - the manual says (my emphasis);



Without dimming function it may work with:


• compact fluorescent CFL tube lamps with electronic ballast

• fluorescent tube lamps with electronic ballast

• LED bulbs (power factor > 0.7)

• supported light sources (power factor > 0.5) with minimal power of 5VA using FIBARO Bypass 2 (depending on the type of load)


But I am assuming this means when in a 3 wire (with neutral) circuit?  In which case I would need to replace my bulbs.


Secondly: When using a toggle switch with the Dimmer 2, again with a 2 wire circuit, does toggling the switch to 'off' unpower the Dimmer module, or is the Dimmer constantly alive and it just monitors the switch for toggling?  I.E. if someone turns the switch of will I still be able to turns the lights on/off via the network?



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