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mohammad abu hantash

Need to control Ceiling LEDs that have transformer (Driver)


Hello All, I am new to Fibaro i bought fibaro HC2 and got dual switch 2 relay.

Connected it with ceiling led lights and started to control them after couple of tries the first switch stuck on ON state could not control it via physical button or software.

I've read about the relays wend and stuck because the ceiling lights (around 20 small spots) have transformer so inrush happen, there are suggestions of adding some electronic parts after the relay .


my question what is the best module to use that will not affected by the LED inrush ? i am not an electrician but i need to know before buying more FGS 223 dual relays .

does anybody have good solution for this , FYI my spot lights is not dimmable .


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Hi, You can use fibaro wall plug only. I's not nice, but working...

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