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Dimming of Philips Hue with scene




I am trying to make a scene in LUA where I can dim my Hue bulbs.


I have a Sunricher 4ch switch, which I have created scenes for turnOn and turnOff Hue bulbs, and it works nicely, as in the picture below: 




I want to make a new scene, where the button´s HELD DOWN function should utilize dimming of the Hue bulb.

I have tested some commands from the Hue Developer API, and found out that if I "PUT" the below command to the Hue-bulb, it increases the saturation with 1 for each time I press "PUT". 




Is it possible to make a repeat loop / while loop or similar that sends this command? I know this is not the LUA API, it is in the REST API. 


I can not quite see how to send similar commands in LUA, unless there is a way to make a repeat loop that takes the saturation value and adds "1" e.g. each 10 millisecond while the switch is in HELD DOWN state? 






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I did find a way to send the commands, now all I need to figure out is how to loop the function WHILE the button is HELD DOWN. Anyone who knows how to do it?


Code below works so that it sends a "-10" value to the brightness parameter of the Hue bulb, so that it dims it from its current state instead of sending a new value to the brightness-parameter such as e.g. 254 for full brightness. 


%% properties
%% weather
%% events
19 CentralSceneEvent 2 HeldDown
%% globals

local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();
if (
 ( (startSource["type"] == "event" and startSource["event"]["type"] == "CentralSceneEvent") )
startSource["type"] == "other"
url = 'http://myBridgeIP/api/myUsername/lights/2/state'
local function putMethod(requestUrl, successCallback, errorCallback)
  local http = net.HTTPClient()
  http:request(requestUrl, {
      options = {
        method = 'PUT',
        data = message
      success = successCallback,
      error = errorCallback
    message = '{"bri_inc":-10}' 
        print('Status dla PUT: ' .. resp.status)
        print('error' .. err)

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