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Known issues log


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I strongly feel that both us (the customers) and you (fibaro moderators, technicians and customer service reps) would benefit by adding a table/list/thread or something to the forum and/or website, that lists all the "known faults".

Essentially all of the faults/bugs that you are aware of and working on. similar to how you produce a change log with updates.

I would suggest making it so people can not comment so it is manged by Fibaro only, as it will only turn into a mess if there are comments all over the place. 

I would also suggest putting estimated time line showing when it should be fixed by and also the reason why it was not working, this would help us the customers get a better understanding of how it works. It would probably be worth adding a button to each fault like "I'm affected by this" or "+1" so that us customers have a way of logging the issue and you fibaro know if everyone is affected or not and how big the issue is. 


The reason I suggest this:

I am new to fibaro and z wave in general. I have not really had any issue with the products I.e modules and sensors, however as soon as I started using a home center lite, I have wasted loads of time trying to get basic things to work within home center's interface, assuming it was me being new to it as I have never come across a finished product (also bear in mind the HCL and HC2 are not recently released products) that has so many faults/bugs, making basic elements not work I.e weather, location, GPS and even the app.

Also since joining the forum I have noticed how many complaints there are on here and that is not even a recent thing, it goes back years. It is also full of bumps and +1's as fibaro are not really giving much info as to what is wrong or when it will be dealt with. 


I recently had to contact

Please login or register to see this link.

and I did not get a response for over a week, by which time I had already called customer services who dealt with the issue in under a minute, however the phone call cost best part of £5 so I still was not overly happy. On the other hand I emailed Aeotec with a technical query and had a response in around 12 hours.


I would hope that Fibaro have not given up or stopped caring about their products and customers. Hopefully it is a lack of staff/resources that leads to the bugs and delays in fixing them. I think that adding my suggestion would help free up resources as it should reduce the number of emails, calls and posts about the same issues. It would also help us the customers, as we would have somewhere to look to check if it is a known issue etc.

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Don't know, but it feels like, the fibaro staff abandoned the forums :( .........

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  • Topic Author
  • Yes I agree, the forum has a "ghost town" sort of feel to it. having a look around there are people replying to 3 year old posts and there is a section call "Polls" with no, well polls!

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    Suggest away, but it's likely to fall on deaf ears.


    A while back there was a site called bugzilla where we all logged bugs. Everyone could add comments below the line, so Fibaro could see how many people where affected. For a while support would reply and manage the lists, but eventually it became a ghost town and they stopped using it... in the process everyone who had painstakingly raised bugs lost all their effort.


    They are understaffed. No system is going to change that. All it will do is show how inadequate they are at dealing with issues. 


    This way it can still be a bit of a smoke and mirrors game.


    I'm saddened that after not using my 2xHC2 for over 12 months that I have come back to this.


    Things have progressed, but as per usual it's 2 steps forward and 1 step back. It's just very painful to figure out where than 1 step back lands each time.

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  • Topic Author
  • Yes it is such a shame, thankfully for me I am just testing products I am planning to use for an upcoming project. So I will probably invest my money in aeotec modules and sensors and learn to use home assistant properly. I had to contact aeotec yesterday and they replied within 4 hrs. Ironically I think the actual issue was with the HCL anyway. The main reason I wanted to use fibaro dimmer modules was because of the compatibility with 3 position retractive switches (on off on), as to me at least up for on/increase brightness, down for off/decrease brightness makes a lot more sense than a standard retractive switch, where you hold the switch and it may increase/decrease brightness. 

    Obviously I could use their modules on another controller, but why invest money in a company that seemingly do not care... 

    P's I did spot the post about the end of support for "bugzilla" but did not look into it any further, so was unsure what it was. However it sounds like it was the perfect setup. But if they are not going to fix anything or learn from previous faults then a system like that only highlights their shortcomings. 

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