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Szukam rozwinięcia tematu tak zwanej gadaczki z wykorzystaniem Paw serwera do wiadomości lokalnych na tablecie ?To chyba jest pomysł sztywniaka

Wirtualka mówi i wysyła PUSH na Tablet :
"Dzisiaj jest wtorek, 24 czerwca, imieniny Adama i Jana, Pogoda lekkie zachmurzenia, temperatura 12, ciśnienie 1007, wilgotność 80 , wiatr 20, zachmurzenie 8"






-- Toolkit Framework, lua library extention for HC2, hope that it will be useful. 
-- This Framework is an addon for HC2 Toolkit application in a goal to aid the integration. 
-- Tested on Lua 5.1 with Fibaro HC2 3.572 beta 
-- Version 1.0.2 [12-13-2013] 
-- Use: Toolkit or Tk shortcut to access Toolkit namespace members. 
-- Example: 
-- Toolkit:trace("value is %d", 35); or Tk:trace("value is %d", 35); 
-- Toolkit.assertArg("argument", arg, "string"); or Tk.assertArg("argument", arg, "string"); 
-- current release: http://krikroff77.github.io/Fibaro-HC2-Toolkit-Framework/ 
-- latest release: https://github.com/Krikroff77/Fibaro-HC2-Toolkit-Framework/releases/latest 
-- Memory is preserved: The code is loaded only the first time in a virtual device 
-- main loop and reloaded only if application pool restarded. 
-- Copyright (C) 2013 Jean-Christophe Vermandé 
-- This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify 
-- it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by 
-- the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or 
-- at your option) any later version. 

if not Toolkit then Toolkit = { 
  __header = "Toolkit", 
  __version = "1.0.2", 
  __luaBase = "5.1.0", 
  __copyright = "Jean-Christophe Vermandé", 
  __licence = [[ 
    Copyright (C) 2013 Jean-Christophe Vermandé 

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify 
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by 
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or 
    (at your option) any later version. 

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, 
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of 
    GNU General Public License for more details. 

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License 
    along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses></http:>. 
  __frameworkHeader = (function(self) 
    self:traceEx("green", "-------------------------------------------------------------------------"); 
    self:traceEx("green", "-- HC2 Toolkit Framework version %s", self.__version); 
    self:traceEx("green", "-- Current interpreter version is %s", self.getInterpreterVersion()); 
    self:traceEx("green", "-- Total memory in use by Lua: %.2f Kbytes", self.getCurrentMemoryUsed()); 
    self:traceEx("green", "-------------------------------------------------------------------------"); 
  -- chars 
  chars = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/", 
  -- hex 
  hex = "0123456789abcdef", 
  -- now(), now("*t", 906000490) 
  -- system date shortcut 
  now = os.date, 
  -- toUnixTimestamp(t) 
  -- t (table)        - {year=2013, month=12, day=20, hour=12, min=00, sec=00} 
  -- return Unix timestamp 
  toUnixTimestamp = (function(t) return os.time(t) end), 
  -- fromUnixTimestamp(ts) 
  -- ts (string/integer)    - the timestamp 
  -- Example : fromUnixTimestamp(1297694343) -> 02/14/11 15:39:03 
  fromUnixTimestamp = (function(s) return os.date("%c", ts) end), 
  -- currentTime() 
  -- return current time 
  currentTime = (function() return tonumber(os.date("%H%M%S")) end), 
  -- comparableTime(hour, min, sec) 
  -- hour (string/integer) 
  -- min (string/integer) 
  -- sec (string/integer) 
  comparableTime = (function(hour, min) return tonumber(string.format("%02d%02d%02d", hour, min, sec)) end), 
  -- isTraceEnabled 
  -- (boolean)    get or set to enable or disable trace 
  isTraceEnabled = true, 
  -- isAutostartTrigger() 
  isAutostartTrigger = (function() local t = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();return (t["type"]=="autostart") end), 
  -- isOtherTrigger() 
  isOtherTrigger = (function() local t = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();return (t["type"]=="other") end), 
  -- raiseError(message, level) 
  -- message (string)    - message 
  -- level (integer)    - level 
  raiseError = (function(message, level) error(message, level); end), 
  -- colorSetToRgbwTable(colorSet) 
  -- colorSet (string) - colorSet string 
  -- Example: local r, g, b, w = colorSetToRgbwTable(fibaro:getValue(354, "lastColorSet")); 
  colorSetToRgbw = (function(self, colorSet) 
    self.assertArg("colorSet", colorSet, "string"); 
    local t, i = {}, 1; 
    for v in string.gmatch(colorSet,"(%d+)") do t[i] = v; i = i + 1; end 
    return t[1], t[2], t[3], t[4]; 
  -- isValidJson(data, raise) 
  -- data (string)    - data 
  -- raise (boolean)- true if must raise error 
  -- check if json data is valid 
  isValidJson = (function(self, data, raise) 
    self.assertArg("data", data, "string"); 
    self.assertArg("raise", raise, "boolean"); 
    if (string.len(data)>0) then 
      if (pcall(function () return json.decode(data) end)) then 
        return true; 
        if (raise) then self.raiseError("invalid json", 2) end; 
    return false; 
  -- assert_arg(name, value, typeOf) 
  -- (string)    name: name of argument 
  -- (various)    value: value to check 
  -- (type)        typeOf: type used to check argument 
  assertArg = (function(name, value, typeOf) 
    if type(value) ~= typeOf then 
      Tk.raiseError("argument "..name.." must be "..typeOf, 2); 
  -- trace(value, args...) 
  -- (string)    value: value to trace (can be a string template if args) 
  -- (various)    args: data used with template (in value parameter) 
  trace = (function(self, value, ...) 
    if (self.isTraceEnabled) then 
      if (value~=nil) then        
        return fibaro:debug(string.format(value, ...)); 
  -- traceEx(value, args...) 
  -- (string)    color: color use to display the message (red, green, yellow) 
  -- (string)    value: value to trace (can be a string template if args) 
  -- (various)    args: data used with template (in value parameter) 
  traceEx = (function(self, color, value, ...) 
    self:trace(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s</%s>', "span", color, string.format(value, ...), "span")); 
  -- getInterpreterVersion() 
  -- return current lua interpreter version 
  getInterpreterVersion = (function() 
    return _VERSION; 
  -- getCurrentMemoryUsed() 
  -- return total current memory in use by lua interpreter 
  getCurrentMemoryUsed = (function() 
    return collectgarbage("count"); 
  -- trim(value) 
  -- (string)    value: the string to trim 
  trim = (function(s) 
    Tk.assertArg("value", s, "string"); 
    return (string.gsub(s, "^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1")); 
  -- filterByPredicate(table, predicate) 
  -- table (table)        - table to filter 
  -- predicate (function)    - function for predicate 
  -- Description: filter a table using a predicate 
  -- Usage: 
  -- local t = {1,2,3,4,5}; 
  -- local out, n = filterByPredicate(t,function(v) return v.item == true end); 
  -- return out -> {2,4}, n -> 2; 
  filterByPredicate = (function(table, predicate) 
    Tk.assertArg("table", table, "table"); 
    Tk.assertArg("predicate", predicate, "function"); 
    local n, out = 1, {}; 
    for i = 1,#table do 
      local v = table[i]; 
      if (v~=nil) then 
        if predicate(v) then 
            out[n] = v; 
            n = n + 1;    
    return out, #out; 
-- Toolkit.Debug library extention 
-- Provide help to trace and debug lua code on Fibaro HC2 
-- Tested on Lua 5.1 with HC2 3.572 beta 
-- Copyright 2013 Jean-christophe Vermandé 
-- Version 1.0.1 [12-12-2013] 
if not Toolkit.Debug then Toolkit.Debug = { 
  __header = "Toolkit.Debug", 
  __version = "1.0.1", 
  -- The os.clock function returns the number of seconds of CPU time for the program. 
  __clocks = {["fragment"]=os.clock(), ["all"]=os.clock()}, 
  -- benchmarkPoint(name) 
  -- (string)    name: name of benchmark point 
  benchmarkPoint = (function(self, name) 
    __clocks[name] = os.clock(); 
  -- benchmark(message, template, name, reset) 
  -- (string)     message: value to display, used by template 
  -- (string)     template: template used to diqplay message 
  -- (string)     name: name of benchmark point 
  -- (boolean)     reset: true to force reset clock 
  benchmark = (function(self, message, template, name, reset) 
    Toolkit.assertArg("message", message, "string"); 
    Toolkit.assertArg("template", message, "string"); 
    if (reset~=nil) then Toolkit.assertArg("reset", reset, type(true)); end 
    Toolkit:traceEx("yellow", "Benchmark ["..message.."]: ".. 
      string.format(template, os.clock() - self.__clocks[name])); 
    if (reset==true) then self.__clocks[name] = os.clock(); end 
Toolkit:traceEx("red", Toolkit.Debug.__header.." loaded in memory..."); 
-- benchmark code 
if (Toolkit.Debug) then Toolkit.Debug:benchmark(Toolkit.Debug.__header.." lib", "elapsed time: %.3f cpu secs\n", "fragment", true); end ; 
-- Toolkit.Net library extention 
-- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest provide http request with advanced functions 
-- Tested on Lua 5.1 with HC2 3.572 beta 
-- Copyright 2013 Jean-christophe Vermandé 
-- Thanks to rafal.m for the decodeChunks function used when reponse body is "chunked" 
-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chunked_transfer_encoding 
-- Version 1.0.3 [12-13-2013] 
if not Toolkit then error("You must add Toolkit", 2) end 
if not Toolkit.Net then Toolkit.Net = { 
  -- private properties 
  __header = "Toolkit.Net", 
  __version = "1.0.3", 
  __cr = string.char(13), 
  __lf = string.char(10), 
  __crLf = string.char(13, 10), 
  __host = nil, 
  __port = nil, 
  -- private methods 
  __trace = (function(v, ...) 
    if (Toolkit.Net.isTraceEnabled) then Toolkit:trace(v, ...) end 
  __writeHeader = (function(socket, data) 
    assert(tostring(data) or data==nil or data=="", "Invalid header found: "..data); 
    local head = tostring(data); 
    Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::request > Add header [%s]", 
      Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, head); 
  __decodeChunks = (function(a) 
    resp = ""; 
    line = "0"; 
    lenline = 0; 
    len = string.len(a); 
    i = 1; 
    while i<=len do 
      c = string.sub(a, i, i); 
      if (lenline==0) then 
        if (c==Toolkit.Net.__lf) then 
          lenline = tonumber(line, 16); 
          if (lenline==null) then 
            lenline = 0; 
          line = 0; 
        elseif (c==Toolkit.Net.__cr) then 
          lenline = 0; 
          line = line .. c; 
        resp = resp .. c; 
        lenline = lenline - 1; 
      i = i + 1; 
    return resp; 
  __readHeader = (function(data) 
    if data == nil then 
      error("Couldn't find header"); 
    local buffer = ""; 
    local headers = {}; 
    local i, len = 1, string.len(data); 
    while i<=len do 
      local a = data:sub(i,i) or ""; 
      local b = data:sub(i+1,i+1) or ""; 
      if (a..b == Toolkit.Net.__crLf) then 
        i = i + 1; 
        table.insert(headers, buffer); 
        buffer = ""; 
        buffer = buffer..a;      
      i = i + 1; 
    return headers; 
  __readSocket = (function(socket) 
    local err, len = 0, 1; 
    local buffer, data = "", ""; 
    while (err==0 and len>0) do 
      data, err = socket:read(); 
      len = string.len(data); 
      buffer = buffer..data; 
    return buffer, err; 
  __Http = { 
    __header = "HttpRequest", 
    __version = "1.0.3",    
    __tcpSocket = nil, 
    __timeout = 250, 
    __waitBeforeReadMs = 25, 
    __isConnected = false, 
    __isChunked = false, 
    __url = nil, 
    __method = "GET",  
    __headers = {}, 
    __body = nil, 
    __authorization = nil, 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest:setBasicAuthentication(username, password) 
    -- Sets basic credentials for all requests. 
    -- username (string) – credentials username 
    -- password (string) – credentials password 
    setBasicAuthentication = (function(self, username, password) 
      Toolkit.assertArg("username", username, "string"); 
      Toolkit.assertArg("password", password, "string"); 
      --see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_access_authentication 
      self.__authorization = Toolkit.Crypto.Base64:encode(tostring(username..":"..password)); 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest:setBasicAuthenticationEncoded(base64String) 
    -- Sets basic credentials already encoded. Avoid direct exposure for information. 
    -- base64String (string)    - username and password encoded with base64 
    setBasicAuthenticationEncoded = (function(self, base64String) 
      Toolkit.assertArg("base64String", base64String, "string"); 
      self.__authorization = base64String; 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest:setWaitBeforeReadMs(ms) 
    -- Sets ms 
    -- ms (integer) – timeout value in milliseconds 
    setWaitBeforeReadMs = (function(self, ms) 
      Toolkit.assertArg("ms", ms, "integer"); 
      self.__waitBeforeReadMs = ms; 
      Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::setWaitBeforeReadMs > set to %d ms", 
        Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, ms); 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest.getWaitBeforeReadMs() 
    -- Returns the value in milliseconds 
    getWaitBeforeReadMs = (function(self) 
      return self.__waitBeforeReadMs; 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest.setReadTimeout(ms) 
    -- Sets timeout 
    -- ms (integer) – timeout value in milliseconds 
      setReadTimeout = (function(self, ms) 
      Toolkit.assertArg("ms", ms, "number"); 
      self.__timeout = ms; 
      Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::setReadTimeout > Timeout set to %d ms", 
        Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, ms); 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest.getReadTimeout() 
    -- Returns the timeout value in milliseconds 
    getReadTimeout = (function(self) 
      return self.__timeout; 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest:disconnect() 
    -- Disconnect the socket used by httpRequest 
    disconnect = (function(self) 
      self.__isConnected = false; 
      Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::disconnect > Connected: %s", 
        Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, tostring(self.__isConnected)); 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest:request(method, uri, headers, body) 
    -- method (string)    - method used for the request 
    -- uri (string)        - uri used for the request 
    -- headers (table)    - headers used for the request (option) 
    -- body (string)    - data sent with the request (option) 
    request = (function(self, method, uri, headers, body) 
      -- validation 
      Toolkit.assertArg("method", method, "string"); 
      assert(method=="GET" or method=="POST" or method=="PUT" or method=="DELETE"); 
      assert(uri~=nil or uri==""); 
      self.__isChunked = false; 
      self.__url = uri; 
      self.__method = method; 
      self.__headers = headers or {}; 
      self.__body = body or nil; 
      local p = ""; 
      if (Toolkit.Net.__port~=nil) then 
        p = ":"..tostring(Toolkit.Net.__port); 
      local r = self.__method.." ".. self.__url .." HTTP/1.1"; 
      Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::request > %s with method %s", 
          Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, self.__url, self.__method); 

      local h = "Host: "..Toolkit.Net.__host .. p; 
      -- write to socket headers method a host! 
      Toolkit.Net.__writeHeader(self.__tcpSocket, r); 
      Toolkit.Net.__writeHeader(self.__tcpSocket, h); 
      -- add headers if needed 
      for i = 1, #self.__headers do 
        Toolkit.Net.__writeHeader(self.__tcpSocket, self.__headers[i]); 
      if (self.__authorization~=nil) then 
        Toolkit.Net.__writeHeader(self.__tcpSocket, "Authorization: Basic "..self.__authorization); 
      -- add data in body if needed 
      if (self.__body~=nil) then 
        Toolkit.Net.__writeHeader(self.__tcpSocket, "Content-Length: "..string.len(self.__body)); 
        Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::request > Body length is %d", 
          Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, string.len(self.__body)); 
      -- write body 
      if (self.__body~=nil) then 
      -- sleep to help process 
      -- wait socket reponse 
      local result, err = Toolkit.Net.__readSocket(self.__tcpSocket); 
      Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::receive > Length of result: %d", 
          Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, string.len(result)); 
      -- parse data 
      local response, status; 
      if (string.len(result)>0) then 
        local _flag = string.find(result, Toolkit.Net.__crLf..Toolkit.Net.__crLf); 
        local _rawHeader = string.sub(result, 1, _flag + 2); 
        if (string.len(_rawHeader)) then 
          status = string.sub(_rawHeader, 10, 13); 
          Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::receive > Status %s", Toolkit.Net.__header, 
            Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, status); 
          Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::receive > Length of headers reponse %d", Toolkit.Net.__header, 
            Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, string.len(_rawHeader)); 
          __headers = Toolkit.Net.__readHeader(_rawHeader); 
          for k, v in pairs(__headers) do 
            --Toolkit.Net.__trace("raw #"..k..":"..v) 
            if (string.find(string.lower( v or ""), "chunked")) then 
              self.__isChunked = true; 
              Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::receive > Transfer-Encoding: chunked", 
                  Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, string.len(result)); 
        local _rBody = string.sub(result, _flag + 4); 
        --Toolkit.Net.__trace("Length of body reponse: " .. string.len(_rBody)); 
        if (self.__isChunked) then 
          response = Toolkit.Net.__decodeChunks(_rBody); 
          err = 0; 
          response = _rBody; 
          err = 0; 
      -- return budy response 
      return response, status, err; 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest.version() 
    -- Return the version 
    version = (function() 
      return Toolkit.Net.__Http.__version; 
    -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest:dispose() 
    -- Try to free memory and resources 
    dispose = (function(self)      
      if (self.__isConnected) then 
      self.__tcpSocket = nil; 
      self.__url = nil; 
      self.__headers = nil; 
      self.__body = nil; 
      self.__method = nil; 
      if pcall(function () assert(self.__tcpSocket~=Net.FTcpSocket) end) then 
        Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::dispose > Successfully disposed", 
          Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header); 
      -- make sure all free-able memory is freed 
      Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s::dispose > Total memory in use by Lua: %.2f Kbytes", 
        Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, collectgarbage("count")); 
  -- Toolkit.Net.isTraceEnabled 
  -- true for activate trace in HC2 debug window 
  isTraceEnabled = false, 
  -- Toolkit.Net.HttpRequest(host, port) 
  -- Give object instance for make http request 
  -- host (string)    - host 
  -- port (intager)    - port 
  -- Return HttpRequest object 
  HttpRequest = (function(host, port) 
    assert(host~=Toolkit.Net, "Cannot call HttpRequest like that!"); 
    assert(host~=nil, "host invalid input"); 
    assert(port==nil or tonumber(port), "port invalid input"); 
    -- make sure all free-able memory is freed to help process 
    Toolkit.Net.__host = host; 
    Toolkit.Net.__port = port; 
    local _c = Toolkit.Net.__Http; 
    _c.__tcpSocket = Net.FTcpSocket(host, port); 
    _c.__isConnected = true; 
    Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s > Total memory in use by Lua: %.2f Kbytes", 
          Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, collectgarbage("count")); 
    Toolkit.Net.__trace("%s.%s > Create Session on port: %d, host: %s", 
          Toolkit.Net.__header, Toolkit.Net.__Http.__header, port, host); 
    return _c; 
  -- Toolkit.Net.version() 
  version = (function() 
    return Toolkit.Net.__version; 

Toolkit:traceEx("red", Toolkit.Net.__header.." loaded in memory..."); 
-- benchmark code 
if (Toolkit.Debug) then Toolkit.Debug:benchmark(Toolkit.Net.__header.." lib", "elapsed time: %.3f cpu secs\n", "fragment", true); end; 
-- URL-encode a string (see RFC 2396) 
function urlencode(str) 
  if (str) then 
    str = string.gsub (str, "\n", "\r\n") 
    str = string.gsub (str, "([^%w ])", function (c) return string.format ("%%%02X", string.byte(c)) end) 
    str = string.gsub (str, " ", "+") 
  return str 
-- Main process 
function SendVoice(message) 
  local uri = "/app/gadaj2.xhtml"; 
  local params = "?tekst=" .. urlencode(tostring(message or "empty"))..",&vol=100"; 
  Tk.Net.isTraceEnabled = false; 
  local HttpClient = Tk.Net.HttpRequest("", 8080); 
-- powyżej wpisujemy IP PAW serwera 
  local response, status, errorCode = HttpClient:request("GET", 
    uri..params, { 
      "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:25.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/25.0", 
      "Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9" 
  HttpClient = nil; 


local currentDate = os.date("*t");
if (currentDate.wday == 2 ) then dzien="poniedziałek"
  elseif (currentDate.wday == 3 ) then dzien="wtorek"
  elseif (currentDate.wday == 4 ) then dzien="środa"
  elseif (currentDate.wday == 5 ) then dzien="czwartek"
  elseif (currentDate.wday == 6 ) then dzien="piątek"
  elseif (currentDate.wday == 7 ) then dzien="sobota"
  elseif (currentDate.wday == 1 ) then dzien="niedziela"
    if (currentDate.day == 1 ) then dzienm="pierwszy"
elseif (currentDate.day == 2 ) then dzienm="drugi"
elseif (currentDate.day == 3 ) then dzienm="trzeci"
elseif (currentDate.day == 4 ) then dzienm="czwarty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 5 ) then dzienm="piąty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 6 ) then dzienm="szósty"  
elseif (currentDate.day == 7 ) then dzienm="siódmy"
elseif (currentDate.day == 8 ) then dzienm="ósmy"
elseif (currentDate.day == 9 ) then dzienm="dziewiąty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 10 ) then dzienm="dziesiąty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 11 ) then dzienm="jedenasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 12 ) then dzienm="dwunasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 13 ) then dzienm="trzynasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 14 ) then dzienm="czternasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 15 ) then dzienm="piętnasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 16 ) then dzienm="szesnasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 17 ) then dzienm="siedemnasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 18 ) then dzienm="osiemnasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 19 ) then dzienm="dziewiętnasty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 20 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty "
elseif (currentDate.day == 21 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty pierwszy"
elseif (currentDate.day == 22 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty drugi"
elseif (currentDate.day == 23 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty trzeci"
elseif (currentDate.day == 24 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty czwarty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 25 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty piąty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 26 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty szósty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 27 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty siódmy"
elseif (currentDate.day == 28 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty ósmy"
elseif (currentDate.day == 29 ) then dzienm="dwudziesty dziewiąty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 30 ) then dzienm="trzydziesty"
elseif (currentDate.day == 31 ) then dzienm="trzydziesty pierwszy"
 if (currentDate.month == 1 ) then mies="stycznia"
elseif (currentDate.month == 2 ) then mies="luty"  
elseif (currentDate.month == 3 ) then mies="marca" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 4 ) then mies="kwietnia" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 5 ) then mies="maja" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 6 ) then mies="czerwca" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 7 ) then mies="lipca" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 8 ) then mies="sierpnia" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 9 ) then mies="września" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 10 ) then mies="październik" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 11 ) then mies="listopada" 
elseif (currentDate.month == 12 ) then mies="grudnia" 

t={d0101="Mieczysława i Mieszka",
d0102="Izydora i Makarego",
d0103="Danuty i Genowefy",
d0104="Anieli i Eugeniusza",
d0105="Edwarda i Szymona",
d0106="Kacpra i Melchiora Baltazara",
d0107="Juliana i Lucjana",
d0108="Seweryna i Teofila",
d0109="Weroniki i Juliana",
d0110="Jana i Wilhelma",
d0111="Matyldy i Honoraty",
d0112="Benedykta i Arkadiusza",
d0113="Weroniki i Bogumiły",
d0114="Feliksa i Hilarego",
d0115="Pawła i Izydora",
d0116="Marcelego i Włodzimierza",
d0117="Antoniego i Rościsława",
d0118="Piotra i Małgorzaty",
d0119="Henryka i Mariusza",
d0120="Fabiana i Sebastiana",
d0123="Ildefonsa i Rajmunda",
d0124="Felicji i Tymoteusza",
d0125="Pawła i Miłosza",
d0126="Seweryna i Pauliny",
d0127="Jana i Przybysława",
d0128="Walerego i Radomira",
d0129="Zdzisława i Franciszka",
d0130="Macieja i Martyny",
d0131="Jana i Marceliny",
d0201="Brygidy i Ignacego",
d0202="Marii i Mirosława",
d0203="Błażeja i Hipolita",
d0204="Andrzeja i Weroniki",
d0205="Agaty i Adelajdy",
d0206="Doroty i Tytusa",
d0207="Ryszarda i Romualda",
d0208="Jana i Piotra",
d0209="Cyryla i Apolonii",
d0210="Jacka i Scholastyki",
d0211="Łazarza i Marii",
d0212="Eulalii i Modesta",
d0213="Grzegorza i Katarzyny",
d0214="Walentego i Metodego",
d0215="Faustyna i Józefa",
d0216="Danuty i Juliany",
d0217="Donata i Łukasza",
d0218="Symeona i Konstancji",
d0219="Konrada i Arnolda",
d0220="Leona i Ludomiła",
d0221="Eleonory i Feliksa",
d0222="Marty i Małgorzaty",
d0223="Romany i Damiana",
d0224="Macieja i Bogusza",
d0225="Wiktora i Cezarego",
d0226="Mirosława i Aleksandra",
d0227="Gabriela i Anastazji",
d0228="Teofila i Makarego",
d0229="Rufina i Hilarego",
d0301="Antoniny i Radosława",
d0302="Heleny i Pawła",
d0303="Tycjana i Kunegundy",
d0304="Kazimierza i Łucji",
d0305="Fryderyka i Wacława",
d0306="Róży i Wiktora",
d0307="Pawła i Tomasza",
d0309="Katarzyny i Franciszki",
d0310="Cypriana i Marcelego",
d0311="Konstantego i Benedykta",
d0312="Bernarda i Grzegorza",
d0313="Bożeny i Krystyny",
d0314="Leona i Matyldy",
d0315="Ludwiki i Klemensa",
d0316="Izabeli i Hilarego",
d0317="Zbigniewa i Partyka",
d0318="Cyryla i Edwarda",
d0319="Józefa i Bogdana",
d0320="Eufemii i Klaudii",
d0321="Benedykta i Lubomira",
d0322="Bogusława i Katarzyny",
d0323="Feliksa i Pelagii",
d0324="Marka i Gabriela",
d0325="Marii i Wieńczysłąwa",
d0326="Teodora i Emanuela",
d0327="Lidii i Ernesta",
d0328="Anieli i Sykstusa",
d0329="Wiktora i Eustachego",
d0330="Amelii i Jana",
d0331="Balbiny i Gwidona",
d0401="Zbigniewa i Grażyny",
d0402="Franciszka i Władysława",
d0403="Ryszarda i Pankracego",
d0404="Wacława i Izydora",
d0405="Ireny i Wincentego",
d0406="Celestyna i Wilhelma",
d0407="Donata i Rufina",
d0408="Dionizego i Januarego",
d0409="Marii i Marcelego",
d0410="Michała i Makarego",
d0411="Leona i Filipa",
d0412="Juliusza i Wiktora",
d0413="Przemysława i Hermenegildy",
d0414="Justyny i Waleriana",
d0415="Anastazji i Bazylego",
d0416="Julii i Benedykta",
d0417="Roberta i Patrycego",
d0418="Bogusławy i Bogumiły",
d0419="Adolfa i Tymona",
d0420="Czesława i Agnieszki",
d0421="Feliksa i Anzelma",
d0422="Leona i Łukasza",
d0423="Jerzego i Wojciecha",
d0424="Grzegorza i Aleksandra",
d0425="Marka i Jarosława",
d0426="Marii i Marcelego",
d0427="Zyty i Teofila",
d0428="Pawła i Walerii",
d0429="Piotra i Pawła",
d0430="Mariana i Katarzyny",
d0501="Józefa i Filipa",
d0502="Anatola i Zygmunta",
d0503="Marii i Aleksandra",
d0504="Moniki i Floriana",
d0505="Ireny i Waldemara",
d0506="Jana i Judyty",
d0507="Ludmiły i Gizeli",
d0508="Stanisława i Dezyderii",
d0509="Bożydara i Grzegorza",
d0510="Izydora i Antoniny",
d0511="Franciszka i Jakuba",
d0512="Dominika i Pankracego",
d0513="Roberta i Serwacego",
d0514="Bonifacego i Dobiesława",
d0515="Zofii i Jana",
d0516="Andrzeja i Wieńczysława",
d0517="Weroniki i Sławomira",
d0518="Feliksa i Aleksandry",
d0519="Piotra i Mikołaja",
d0520="Bernarda i Bazylego",
d0521="Wiktora i Tymoteusza",
d0522="Julii i Heleny",
d0523="Iwony i Dezyderego",
d0524="Joanny i Zuzanny",
d0525="Urbana i Grzegorza",
d0526="Filipa i Pauliny",
d0527="Jana i Juliusza",
d0528="Augustyna i Jaromira",
d0529="Teodozji i Magdaleny",
d0530="Feliksa i Ferdynanda",
d0531="Anieli i Petroneli",
d0601="Jakuba i Konrada",
d0602="Erazma i Marianny",
d0603="Leszka i Kłotyldy",
d0604="Karola i Franciszka",
d0605="Walerii i Bonifacego",
d0606="Pauliny i Laury",
d0607="Roberta i Wiesława",
d0608="Maksyma i Medarda",
d0609="Pelagii i Felicjana",
d0610="Bogumiła i Małgorzaty",
d0611="Barnaby i Feliksa",
d0612="Jana i Onufrego",
d0613="Lucjana i Antoniego",
d0614="Walerego i Bazylego",
d0615="Wita i Jolanty",
d0616="Aliny i Justyny",
d0617="Laury i Adolfa",
d0618="Marka i Elżbiety",
d0619="Gerwazego i Protazego",
d0620="Bogny i Florentyny",
d0621="Alicji i Alojzego",
d0622="Pauliny i Flawiusza",
d0623="Wandy i Zenona",
d0624="Jana i Danuty",
d0625="Łucji i Wilhelma",
d0626="Jana i Pawła",
d0627="Marii i Władysława",
d0628="Leona i Ireneusza",
d0629="Piotra i Pawła",
d0630="Emilii i Lucyny",
d0701="Haliny i Mariana",
d0702="Marii i Urbana",
d0703="Jacka i Anatola",
d0704="Teodora i Innocentego",
d0705="Karoliny i Antoniego",
d0706="Łucji i Dominika",
d0707="Cyryla i Metodego",
d0708="Elżbiety i Prokopa",
d0709="Zenona i Weroniki",
d0710="Filipa i Amelii",
d0711="Olgi i Pelagii",
d0712="Jana i Gwalberta",
d0713="Ernesta i Małgorzaty",
d0714="Marceliny i Bonawentury",
d0715="Henryka i Włodzimierza",
d0716="Marii i Benedykta",
d0717="Bogdana i Aleksego",
d0718="Kamila i Szymona",
d0719="Wincentego i Wodzisława",
d0720="Czesława i Hieronima",
d0721="Daniela i Andrzeja",
d0722="Magdaleny i Bolesława",
d0723="Bogny i Apolinarego",
d0724="Kingi i Krystyny",
d0725="Jakuba i Krzysztofa",
d0726="Anny i Mirosławy",
d0727="Julii i Natalii",
d0728="Wiktora i Innocentego",
d0729="Marty i Olafa",
d0730="Julity i Ludmiły",
d0731="Ignacego i Heleny",
d0801="Piotra i Justyny",
d0802="Gustawa i Alfonsa",
d0803="Lidii i Augusta",
d0804="Dominika i Protazego",
d0805="Marii i Stanisławy",
d0806="Sławy i Jakuba",
d0807="Doroty i Kajetana",
d0808="Emila i Cyryla",
d0809="Romana i Romualda",
d0810="Borysa i Wawrzyńca",
d0811="Zuzanny i Filomeny",
d0812="Klary i Hilarego",
d0813="Hipolita i Diany",
d0814="Alfreda i Euzebiusza",
d0815="Marii i Napoleona",
d0816="Rocha i Joachima",
d0817="Jacka i Mirona",
d0818="Heleny i Bronisławy",
d0819="Bolsława i Juliana",
d0820="Bernarda i Sobiesława",
d0821="Joanny i Franciszki",
d0822="Cezarego i Tymoteusza",
d0823="Filipa i Apolinarego",
d0824="Jerzego i Bartłomieja",
d0825="Ludwika i Luizy",
d0826="Marii i Sandry",
d0827="Józefa i Moniki",
d0828="Augustyna i Patrycji",
d0829="Sabiny i Jana",
d0830="Rózy i Szczęsnego",
d0831="Bogdana i Rajmunda",
d0901="Bronisława i Idziego",
d0902="Stefana i Juliana",
d0903="Izabeli i Szymona",
d0904="Rozalii i Róży",
d0905="Doroty i Wawrzyńca",
d0906="Beaty i Eugeniusza",
d0907="Reginy i Melchiora",
d0908="Marii i Adrianny",
d0909="Piotra i Mikołaja",
d0910="Bernarda i Sobiesława",
d0911="Jacka i Piotra",
d0912="Marii i Gwidona",
d0913="Filipa i Eugenii",
d0914="Cypriana i Bernarda",
d0915="Albina i Nikodema",
d0916="Edyty i Kornela",
d0917="Justyna i Franciszki",
d0918="Ireny i Józefa",
d0919="Januarego i Konstancji",
d0920="Filipiny i Eustachego",
d0921="Hipolita i Mateusza",
d0922="Tomasza i Maurycego",
d0923="Tekli i Bogusława",
d0924="Gerarda i Teodora",
d0925="Aurelii i Ładysława",
d0926="Justyny i Cypriana",
d0927="Kosmy i Damiana",
d0928="Marka i Wacława",
d0929="Michała i Michaliny",
d0930="Zofii i Hieronima",
d1001="Danuty i Remigiusza",
d1002="Teofila i Dionizego",
d1003="Gerarda i Teresy",
d1004="Rozalii i Franciszka",
d1005="Apolinarego i Placyda",
d1006="Artura i Brunona",
d1007="Marii i Marka",
d1008="Pelagii i Brygidy",
d1009="Ludwika i Dionizego",
d1010="Pauliny i Franciszka",
d1011="Emila i Aldony",
d1012="Eustachego i Maksymiliana",
d1013="Edwarda i Teofila",
d1014="Bernarda i Fortunaty",
d1015="Teresy i Jadwigi",
d1016="Gawła i Ambrożego",
d1017="Wiktora i Małgorzaty",
d1018="Łukasza i Juliana",
d1019="Piotra i Ziemowita",
d1020="Ireny i Kleopatry",
d1021="Urszuli i Hilarego",
d1022="Filipa i Kordulii",
d1023="Teodora i Seweryna",
d1024="Rafała i Marcina",
d1025="Kryspina i Ingi",
d1026="Lucjana i Ewarysta",
d1027="Sabiny i Iwony",
d1028="Szymona i Tadeusza",
d1029="Euzebii i Narcyza",
d1030="Zenobii i Przemysława",
d1031="Urbana i Augusta",
d1101="Seweryna i Wiktoryny",
d1102="Bohdana i Bożydara",
d1103="Sylwii i Huberta",
d1104="Karola i Olgierda",
d1105="Sławomira i Elżbiety",
d1106="Feliksa i Leonarda",
d1107="Antoniego i Ernesta",
d1108="Sewera i Gotfryda",
d1109="Usryna i Teodora",
d1110="Andrzeja i Ludomira",
d1111="Bartłomieja i Marcina",
d1112="Renaty i Witolda",
d1113="Stanisława i Mikołaja",
d1114="Serafina i Rogera",
d1115="Alberta i Leopolda",
d1116="Gertrudy i Edmunda",
d1117="Grzegorza i Salomei",
d1118="Anieli i Romana",
d1119="Elżbiety i Seweryna",
d1120="Feliksa i Anatola",
d1121="Janusza i Konrada",
d1122="Marka i Cecylii",
d1123="Klemensa i Amelii",
d1124="Jana i Flory",
d1125="Erazma i Katarzyny",
d1126="Konrada i Sylwestra",
d1127="Waleriana i Maksymiliana",
d1128="Grzegorza i Zdzisława",
d1129="Błażeja i Saturnina",
d1130="Andrzeja i Konstantego",
d1201="Natalii i Eligiusza",
d1202="Pauliny i Balbiny",
d1203="Franciszka i Ksawerego",
d1204="Barbary i Piotra",
d1205="Kryspina i Saby",
d1206="Mikołaja i Emiliana",
d1207="Marcina i Ambrożego",
d1208="Marii i Wirgiliusza",
d1209="Wiesławy i Leokadii",
d1210="Julii i Daniela",
d1211="Damazego i Waldemara",
d1212="Adelajdy i Aleksandra",
d1213="Łucji i Otylii",
d1214="Alfreda i Izydora",
d1215="Celiny i Waleriana",
d1216="Euzebiusza i Zdzisławy",
d1217="Olimpii i Łazarza",
d1218="Gracjana i Bogusława",
d1219="Urbana i Dariusza",
d1220="Bogumiła i Dominika",
d1221="Tomasza i Tomisława",
d1222="Zenona i Honoraty",
d1223="Wiktorii i Sławomiry",
d1224="Adama i Ewy",
d1225="Eugenii i Anastazji",
d1226="Dionizego i Szczepana",
d1227="Kosmy i Damiana",
d1228="Cezarego i Teofila",
d1229="Dawida i Tomasza",
d1230="Eugeniusza i Sabiny",
d1231="Sylwestra i Sebastiana"}

data= "d"..tostring(os.date("%m%d")) 
for a, b in pairs(t) do 
 if data==a then 


function round(n)
  return math.floor((math.floor(n*2) + 1)/2)

miejsc="ostrów wielkopolski"
-- smartfon to ID smartfonu na który ma wysłac pogodę
local smartfon=845
HC3 = Net.FHttp("api.openweathermap.org") 
danem, statusm = HC3:GET("/data/2.5/weather?q="..miejsc..","..panstwo.."&units=metric&lang=pl") 
wysylka=" Pogoda "..pogo..", Temperatura "..tempmin
if tempmin~=tempmax then
wysylka=wysylka..", Ciśnienie "..cisn..", Wilgotność "..wilg..", Wiatr "..wiatr..", Zachmurzenie "..zach
fibaro:call(smartfon, "sendPush", wysylka, wysylka)

-- tu wpisujemy tekst do powiedzenia 
SendVoice("Dzień dobry. Dzisiaj jest "..dzien.." "..dzienm.." "..mies..". Imieniny "..imieniny.."."..wysylka); 
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Staram się to wdrożyć na moim HC2 z softem 4.600 ale dostaje taki error


[DEBUG] 11:34:23: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: -- HC2 Toolkit Framework version 1.0.2
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: -- Current interpreter version is Lua 5.2
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: -- Total memory in use by Lua: 386.87 Kbytes
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: Toolkit.Debug loaded in memory...
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: Benchmark [Toolkit.Debug lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs
[DEBUG] 11:34:23:
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: Toolkit.Net loaded in memory...
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: Benchmark [Toolkit.Net lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs
[DEBUG] 11:34:23:
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: Juliana i Lucjana
[DEBUG] 11:34:23: 2021-01-07 11:34:23.406918 [ fatal] Unknown exception: /opt/fibaro/scenes/62.lua:1008: attempt to index global 'Net' (a nil value)


czyli wywala się na:

HC3 = Net.FHttp("api.openweathermap.org") 

i z tego co się doczytałem do Net.FHttp jest dostępny tylko w VD a nie w scenach


i pytanie za 100% czy da rade zrobić paw server na iPad?




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