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Http from Scene


Hi All

I have setup my aircon to be controlled via a virtual device over IP and it is working well, I am now creating scenes to do certain things. One of the things i want to do is set a certain temperature with certain scenes in the right conditions. This is the code for the virtual device to change the temp down, this works well


local selfId = fibaro:getSelfId()
local selfIp = fibaro:get(selfId, "IPAddress")
local selfPort = fibaro:get(selfId, "TCPPort")

local TempDec = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(237, "ui.Temp.value")) - 1

local aircon= Net.FHttp(selfIp,selfPort)
response,status,errorCode = aircon:GET('/setAircon?json={"ac1":{"info":{"order":0,"setTemp":'.. TempDec.. '.0},"zones":{}}}')


If I type IPAddress:Port//setAircon?json={"ac1":{"info":{"order":0,"setTemp":23.0},"zones":{}}} into a web browser it will set the temp to 23, the question is what code do i use in a LUA scene to send this to the aircon


Any help appreciated

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I found this here on the forum and use it for my heating

    --aanroepen http request:

local http = net.HTTPClient()

function call(url)
  http:request(url, {
      options = { method = 'GET' },
      success =function() fibaro:debug(url.." ,done.") end,
      error = function(errorcode) fibaro:debug("error=" .. errorcode) end

call("") -- fill in your own IP




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