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Dimmer turns off right away


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I would normally use a switch here but have no neutral wire, so I had to use a dimmer in 2-wire configuration.


The lights are not dimmable as there is a 12v 65w meanwell power supply powering a led strip and 4 other lights.

So I would just be powering the 12v transformer.


The problem is that right after I turn on the dimmer it will turn off the light right away. I also suspect the dimmer restarts (Not sure though).



I've tried setting parameter 32 to Value 1 (Dimming not possible) but that didn't help.


Any ideas?



EDIT: Btw, I then did use a switch by positioning the switch to the LED power supply and getting the neutral wire there, the problem there was finding a constant live wire, which luckily was not far away to get :) 

I would still however like to know what the problem was, so I can avoid it in the future.

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    Didn't let me sleep. So went and tried again.


    Looks like it was an issue in the calibration. It took a reset of the dimmer and one more try and then it calibrated correctly with the green LED glowing at the end.

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