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trouble to found url for ip camera


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You need the url so you cam add it to the HC?


You really need to give more information. Which brand and model ip camera?

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Network Mini Dome Camera 

and i have ip and username and password but i dont now how to find lur for jpg and mjpe :-(

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Guest dobsovicj


you didnt read the post from @10der carefully... Try to use the path without "ISAPI": Enter only /Streaming/channels/1/picture

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1 minute ago, mohamedsalah said:

I checked that's site and url 

No one work with that cam :(:(:(


1) setup rpi or other linux

2) sudo apt-get install libav-tools - it's bring for us ffmpeg

3) add php

4) add php file

$video = 'rtsp://';
$run = "ffmpeg -y -i $video -vframes 1 /tmp/snapshot.png";

$thumbnail = '/tmp/snapshot.png';
$fp = fopen($thumbnail, 'rb');
// send the right headers
header("Content-Type: image/png");
header("Content-Length: " . filesize($thumbnail));
// dump the picture and stop the script

5) setup in Fibaro




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Just now, mohamedsalah said:

Is there another way to solve this problem:?:


buy a new cam with snapshot support 


shoot push Fibaro devs to implement rtsp protocol (was asked 3 (three) years ago.

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