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Walli roller shutter not calibrating


Hello, i installed 4 Walli roller shutters and i am trying to calibrate them with no success. i tried to initiate the calibration from the parameters or from the switch, both will make the wall switch blink white but nothing will happen, it will not move up or down. 


without calibration, the switch is working but it will not stop when it reach the end, the wall switch LED will stay white till i press it again

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@flix I got this answer from the support, i didn't try it yet, because by the time i got this answer i was already using MCO roller shutter switches instead of the Fibaro, i hope this answer will help you:


Dear customer,

First of all I want to apologize for such late answer.

When it comes to Walli / Roller Shutter’s we o not have one universal configuration for all shutter’s / blinds etc. in this case, you’ll have to try with different values of parameter’s 151 – 157, please perform a few tries in order to calibrate your device,

We’re aware of this issue and we’ve already forwarded it to our engineers, who are currently working on resolving it as soon as possible. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience it caused but I have to ask you for a little more patience.

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same problem.


I try to calbrate manually (reading the notice) but it didn't work.


Very sad...

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