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Moved into new home with fibaro


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I recently moved into a new home and it's all set up with a fivaro home center 2 and a bunch of z wave light switches and some passthrough sockets.


Unfortunately I don't really know much about routers, z wave and home automation but from my googling and forum searches, I have figured out that I can't access and control the home center.  The fibaro finder doesn't find the home center and I am worried that if I reset the device and try to start from scratch that all the lights and things will stop working.


I have the email addresses and passwords for the account, but can't access the home center to change settings.  The app also doesn't allow me to change anything.


So, would resetting the home center fix the problems without sending me into darkness?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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chances are that if you have changed your router then the HC2 may have been on a fixed IP address and your router has a new network ID. eg old system 192.168.0.X and new router is 192.168.1.X

Do you know what IP address the previous owners logged in with?

If yes then need to get a computer with an ethernet port and a crossover adaptor. 

change settings of the network and set it to same network ID of the fibaro.

connect the hc2 directly to the computer using the crossover adaptor.

once done you can then login to the hc2 and amend the network settings to your new network ID

Once done then you can update the username and passwords to your email and password.

also the previous owners need to remove the HC2 from their Fibaro ID account and you would then create your own Fibaro ID account and add the HC2 so that you can have remote access to it.


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  • Topic Author
  • Hi Morpheus, sorry for the late reply.  I didn't get a notification that I had a reply ?


    Regarding the old IP address, it was


    The new address is from what I can gather, but trying to access that address goes nowhere.


    As for changing the settings of the network, I have no idea how to do that.  I can log into the router, can see the ip address, can see the connected devices and there are loads of other settings that I don't understand.


    The previous owner's router and internet was still active for two days, so I was able to log into the HC2 and change the admin email address and password, but I couldn't get the android app to recognise the HC2.  Then the internet switched and I had to use my provider's router :(


    Thanks for the response and sorry again for the delay in getting back to you.  I'll try what you've suggested, but as I said I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    • 4 months later...

    Oh, trust me - start it all again from scratch. Plugging in new router is complex to begin with, not to mention switching to or from Zwave (i don't like them too much).


    Trust me, even with basic knowledge and some logic You will be able to do it. It's also worth of learning, since You can do fantastic things with it. 

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    Unfortunately, I can't agree with @Tasah that you should start over again.
    Your HC2 may be configured with neat scenes that you yourself currently do not have the knowledge to create.
    It would be best to keep everything as it is so that you can study in peace and quiet how everything is structured and how it works, then you can test your own scenes.
    The simplest solution would be to change the router's distributed IP address range from 192.168.1.xxx to 192.168.0.xxx. Then everything would work again. If you do not know how to change the address, your Internet service provider may be able to guide you by phone.

    But if your HC2 is configured with DHCP then it should help to just restart your HC2. Test it first before doing anything else.

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    Thanks for both of your replies.  I will definitely try keeping the current profiles or whatever so will try your suggestion, RH_Dreambox.  If that fails I will go with Tasah's suggestion :)

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    tl;dr: IMO my way is more satysfying, Dreamboxes' way is faster.


    There are upsides to both solutions, I guess. If I can recall correctly scenes can be saved and implied to new set-up (I'm not 100% sure, though).


    So apparently You have two ways. Whioch is better is up to You:


     - learning by looking how someone has configured it,

     - learning by configuring it Yourself. 


    I learned everything by try&error way, which helped me to discover ways not known even by Fibaro guys. For example: everyone, that uses wireless staircase switch is basically using my solution ;) Not to brag about it :D 
    However, if You just want Your system to work as it was, then sure, go with Dreamboxes' solution.



    Edited by Tasah
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    So it turns out I can't change my router's ip range to 192.168.0.x for some reason.  It's invalid.


    What can I do now?  Is my only option to restart the device and start from scratch?


    Thanks for the help guys.

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    Change the IP of your PC/laptop temporary from DHCP to a fixed IP in the 192.168.0.X range.

    Something like with subnet and no gateway.

    I assume you have a simple network (1 Vlan) so after changing your IP the Fibaro finder app should find your HC2. (You dont need a crosscable using this method)


    Now you should be able to login to the HC2 and change the IP of the HC2 to an IP in the range of your own netwerk 192.168.1.x


    After his step set the network settings of your PC/laptop to DHCP again. Now your should be able to access your HC2 on its new address (Your new IP range).


    Changing the IP of the HC2 can have as a result some of the scene's and VD's stop working, so you probably need to do some work after that to fix that.


    But most important at this stage, you can access the HC2 again.



    Edited by Remi
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