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Multiway switching for Fibaro Walli Switch




I have a Fibaro Walli Switch that I'm using in a 2 way switching (like diagram 3 in the Walli Switch manual). I made it works, but not according to the documentation.

It is set in single switch config and I set parameter 20 to value 3 for multiway switching (reverse state between Q1 & Q2), but it doesn't work.

If I set value 1 to parameter 20, it works as desired (Q1 on = Q2 off, Q1 off = Q2 on) for manual switch operation.

But when I change Q1 state over Z-wave network (i.e Q1 on command), It change switch 1 state but I don't get switch 2 updated with reverse state from switch 1.

I was thinking to send Q1 on and Q2 off, to preserve reverse state, but in single mode config I have only instance 1 controlling switch 1, I cannot make interaction on Q2.


So it may be a bug with parameter 20. But my concern is how to command the switch without loosing reverse state?

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@Meuja Where you able to solve the issue. I have similar setup 1 walli switch and 1 normal switch. The wire are connected the same way as you have. Value 1 of parameter 20 looks different to what you have (1st and 2nd button toggle both channels). I would need setting similar what you have Q1 on = Q2 off, Q1 off = Q2 on.


Any tips?

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@Mol20k It works as a traditional 2 way switch. Details about cabling and configuration here https://community.jeedom.com/t/mise-en-place-dun-walli-switch-dans-un-circuit-va-et-vient/6932 (sorry in French, but you can use Google Translate).

But it don't work when I use command to interact with i as a smart/connected device.

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