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Dimmer 2 with double switch




I have a single switch with a fibaro dimmer 2 that controls two lamps. I would like to change this such that I can control both lamps seperatly.

My plan is to change to single switch to a double switch (and connect them as described in the manual). I intent to add a second Fibaro Dimmer 2 in the second lamp.


My plan is to configure the system such that one of the switches (s1) in the double switch controls the dimmer 2 that is connected to it (and switches / dims the lamp connected to it), and that the second switch (s2) is just read by the fibaro. This signal is sent to the 2nd fibaro to switch / dim the 2nd lamp.


Is there a way to do this?


Thanks for your help.


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Guest cag014

Why you need to use double switch? I f you gonna have two dimmers, just connect the dimmers to the lamps without going through switch.

Or I missing something.

Could be a good idea to post wiring schematic. You can draw schema and post the snapshot, no fancy graphic tools required.


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