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Walli Dimmer Switch - Questions



I bought the Dimmer Switch from here and a led from here.


It seems I am doing something .. or more than something .... wrong:


1. Initialy i thought I have a 3-wire / neutral wire wiring, but i realised later the the third cable must be just a link done for another plug ...   

Anyway during that test (where I connected the third wire as a neutral ), the led was flikering.

I tried to force calibrate from the HA .... and I used this bypas on the lamp. 

Interesting the device tried a few times to calibrate, and in one phase it was clear that he found the correct way (was dimming from min to very bright)  , .... but after calibration ... blinked again rapidly ... 

So .. I am lost .. how come was working (even if flickering) if i had that type of wiring  ? Also ... why did he not "keep" the correct setup ?

The "smart" On-Off worked .. but of course it was flickering as well ...


2. I connected using the 2-wire diagram: 

In this case when I switch on, my lights are having a very low brightness. If I press again they go full brightness for a second and they go back at a very low brightness ... 

Is this a normal behaviour before calibrating ? Or I did not wire them correctly ?


I cant recalibrate now .... as my HA config file was corupted during one of my too-many unfortunated power-downs (forgot to shutdown HA before).. wich came with my next question:

How do I factory reset the switch to add it back to the HA ?

I tried clicking 3 times, long click and re-click .. but did not work ...   


Thank you!



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