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Triggering a scene on armed-tripped sensor



I have recently switched to Fibaro (HC2), so I'm fairly new to this unit, but I'm already using z-wave standard based devices for more than 8 years now on Vera3/VeraLite/Edge.
Currently I'm trying to get my head around alarming. Tried to browse through forum, but I hundreds of search results about alarms did not gave me the answer to my (trivial?) problem.


I wanted to set up an alarm (sms notification) when the Fibaro Door sensor is armed and breached. For the sake of argument let's call it "basement doors".

I made a block scene with trigger Door Sensor armed and breached and result is supposed to be executing another scene (sending sms message to hardcoded number).


For the reason I don't understand yet, Fibaro Alert kicks in when I arm and breach the Door Sensor instead of executing scene.

I went to Alarm Panel to fiddle around with settings - but my understanding of what I see, is that these are default/global behaviors for ALL armed and tripped sensors.

Maybe for someone this could work, but this is not my case.


What I need is to be able to run various alarms (or scenes) dependently on triggered sensors. I have no idea how to approach this in HC2.
I would really appreciate some hints on what I may be doing wrong ?


Additional info:

* I tried to exclude Door Sensor from Alarm System, but then I lost Arm/Disarm options.

* My use case works when I change criteria from 'armed and breached' to 'breached'. Then the scene gets executed properly and there is no Fibaro Alert (this is what I want to achieve but with armed sensor)

* I stupified my use case using 'Magic scene' to turn on Fibaro Wall Plug when Door Sensor is armed and breached - but again, Fibaro Alert takes over and wall plug is NOT being turned on.



Any help / thoughts would be highly appreciated!!




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