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Dimmer 2 S2 issue with Google Home (Smartthings Hub)



This may have been discussed before but I have no idea what terms to search for to find it so apologies i this is a repeat question!


I have 4 Fibaro Dimmer 2s, 2 in one 4 gang switch and 2 in another 4 gang switch. Configured so that each Dimmer directly controls a set of lights and has S2 set up to trigger a Dimmer in the other switch via Zwave associations (association group 4).

They’re in toggle switches and configured as such (Parameter 20 Switch type is set to toggle switch). The direct control of lights works perfectly.


If I turn off the lights through the app, or via google home for example, they don’t seem to sync up the status. Then, when I use one of the S2 switches to try and turn them back on I have to use the switch twice to get the desired result. It’s like the first press thinks it’s setting it to off but it’s already off, and then the second press set’s it “back” to on.


Combined with the slight delay on activating the remote Dimmers this makes for a frustrating experience, you press the switch and then wait to see if it’s going to come on or not, then potentially have to press it again.

Has anyone experienced the same and am I missing something obvious in the Zwave parameters?


Switch setup in case it makes any difference:

4 Gang 1
Switch 1 - Wired to Dimmer 1 - Controls Load 1
Switch 2 - Wired to Dimmer 2 - Controls Load 2
Switch 3 - Wired to Dimmer 1 S2 - Controls Dimmer 3 (Load 3)
Switch 4 - Wired to Dimmer 2 S2 - Controls Dimmer 4 (Load 4)

4 Gang 2
Switch 1 - Wired to Dimmer 3 - Controls Load 3
Switch 2 - Wired to Dimmer 4 - Controls Load 4
Switch 3 - Wired to Dimmer 3 S2 - Controls Dimmer 1 (Load 1)
Switch 4 - Wired to Dimmer 4 S2 - Controls Dimmer 2 (Load 2)


Parameters 22, 24, 25 and 26 are all set to zero


Following advice on the Smartthings forum I recreated this and looked at the logs and noticed the following:


  1. Switch on the remote load (Load 3) from Dimmer 1 (as per above) - shows in logs
  2. Turn off via Google home - shows in logs, several entries sending commands and confirming status
  3. Press physical switch to turn lights back on - nothing happens, nothing appears in logs
  4. Press physical switch again - light switches on and appears in the logs.


I’m thoroughly confused! Any help would be gratefully received!




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Guest stevebratt

are you using the fantastic dimmer2 integration for smart things which allows you to set the settings of the dimmer from within smart things?


there is a setting within the dimmer that controls this function. basically you can have the switch poition tell you if the light shoudl be on or off, or you can have the switch just change the setting of the light every time its changed,


so by default the dimmer will always sync to the switches postion, so if the light comes on when the switch is in the up position, and with google home, you turn the light off, the physical switch is stil up, in order to get the light to come on at the switch you will need to turn the switch to the off location and then back to the on location, becuase the dimmer will only switch the light on with the switch in the on location.


however with the device set up properly in smart things, you can change this setting so that when you flick the switch, it changes the state every time, so when its on and you flick the switch it goes off, and when off it goes on. which is how i use the dimmer.  

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