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VD & TCP/IP Commands


Hi All,

I am trying to get a understanding of creating VD's for control of my TV's and projector. I was able to download a VD from the Fibaro Market Place for my Panasonic TV which works. I am currently running v4.580

I have spent the last 2 days trying all sorts of different LUA codes to try and control my JVC projector which I can control via telnet from my laptop though I am stuck trying to do this from a VD. Below is what I have tried and the projector requires the following TCP/IP command PJREQ first then it leaves the socket open for 5 secs so you can send the next command. I am only looking to be able to turn it on & off. In the example below is the HEX string to turn the projector ON............apologies this is all new to me so any help would be very much appreciated


I have already assigned the correct IP address and Port in the advanced section of the VD..........I just can't workout how to sent the actual command strings


local device = fibaro:getSelfId();
local ipaddress = fibaro:getValue(device, "IPAddress");
local port = fibaro:getValue(device, "TCPPort");
FIBARO = Net.FHttp(ipaddress, port)
tcpSocket:write(string.char(21 89 01 50 57 31 0A));
tcpSocket = Net.FTcpSocket(ip, port);


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I have just added an article on Lua programming for virtual devices which you can find here: https://snys.nl/?page=domotica/en/fibaro_lua_api_virtual_device.html

Hope that helps with the lua comms side of things. Let me know if there is anything missing or I haven't explained something correctly.


Have you written a telnet client before? I seem to remember there is some sort of NVT (network virtual terminal) handshake required on connection setup which might be a bit tricky to start with. Once that's over it should be simple enough.


Let us know how you get on, good luck. T


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