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controlling a second dimmer using the S2 switch and using a zwave controller

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I figured out how to use associations to be able to use the S2 terminal on one dimmer to switch on/of/dim another (remote) dimmer module. I might be missing something. But when i switch of the remote dimmer using a controller the next time i use the S2 connected wall switch it doesnt work the first time. I have to press twice on the wall switch to switch on the remote light. I am using a raspberry with Home Assistant and AeonLabs zwave stick to control the dimmers.


Is it possible to switch the remote dimmer on, regardless of its current state? What am i missing here?


Fiddling around with the settings for buttion behavior and synching the state dont seem to help. From the manual:


21. The value sent to associated devices on single click This parameter defines the value sent to devices associated with Dimmer 2 after its enabling. Available settings: 0 - 0xFF value is sent, which will set associated devices to their last saved state 1 - current Dimmer 2 state is sent, which will synchronize brightness level of associated devices (other dimmers for example) Default setting: 0 Parameter size: 1 [byte]


22. Assign toggle switch status to the device status By default each change of toggle switch position results in action of Dimmer 2 (switch on/off ) regardless the physical connection of conntacts. Available settings: 0 - device changes status on switch status change 1 - device status is synchronized with switch status Default setting: 0 Parameter size: 1 [byte]


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