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Link with a User, not a SuperUser


Hi all


I have no problem likning Google Home with my SuperUser account in HC2, so everything workshop fine with the SuperUser account.


What I would like to do is link Oogle Home to HC2 with a User instead. 
The reson for this is that I have wallplugs for energymetering (freezer for example) and I dont want them to show up in Google Home. 
With a User account I can limit the devices the User has access to, in my test a wallplug controlling my coffee maker.


So, I have cerated a User, assigned a wallplug for access, created a Fibaro ID with the same mail and username and shared my HC2.

i can successfully remotecontroll my HC2 and correctly the only Device I see is one wallplug.


When I try to link Fibaro Smart Home I can successfully login and get ”FIBARO Smart Home have been linked” and then a coupe of second later I get ”An eror occured. Try agan”.



Two questions:

1. Have anyone successfully linked Google Home with HC2 with a User (not the SuperUser)?
2. Is it supporten the link with a User?




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Hello, the same...


We use the fibaro HC3 and we would like to link one of the users ( with its own fibaro ID ) to the google home.


Reason : The HC3 controller has many vital functions ... like heating, controling the safety ( locks ) or watering the garden. By including the superuser (admin) in google home, all devices are available and with 100+ devices its a lot. Then imagine that google home interprets the sentence wrong and shuts down the heating wall plug or something. 


So we would like to have an account, witch can be linked to google home but allow google to control only specific devices. Basicaly an user account with its own fibaro ID to be able to link to google home. Could someone from Fibaro make a statement to this ?

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