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  • @Lambik I have been playing around in Home Assistant now for 2 weeks. The learning curve is a lot steeper ?, but I like the platform. Many devices integrate a lot better. I have a few questions for you. I have Home Assistant running on my NUC in a virtual machine. I don't know how to do that on a raspberry without interfering with my current setup with NodeRed running. Within Home Assistant I have a second instance of NodeRed running just for playing. If I'm very happy with it in the future I will buy a second RasPi or NUC just for Home Assistant.


    What is the best way to communicate with the HC2? I have the fibaro integration running, but how to set variables for example?



    Do you have all your smart stuff running in NodeRed or directly in Home Assistant?



    How have you setup your presence detection? I have it working in NodeRed (for testing purposes with both our work phones, see flow below which set a global. The right part is just for testing)



    How have you setup telegram? I tried setting up a bot directly in Home Assistant, but wasn't successful so far.


    I have it working now with 1 BOT sending messages to multiple group chats and I can change the notification settings per group and use it for logging. I couldn't get multiple bots working.


    Do you have some general tips to get started?



    Sorry for all the questions. ? ?

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    Update on questions
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    • 2 weeks later...

    Hi Jeroen, 

    I am curious to know. What has been your experience so far with integrating Aeotec and Qubino switches/sensors to your HC2? 

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  • Ho @aromboli,


    I really like the Aeotec sensors. The main reason is that they can be battery powered and I needed them for measuring the humidity. Most of my other motion sensors are Neo Coolcam because they are a lot cheaper. Setting them up takes some time because you have to manually add all the parameters. Alle the fibaro sensor are the easiest to set up and work very good. I am also happy with the qubino sensors because I needed the specific functions. (1x relay and 1x 0-10V) If fibaro would have these also I would have bought Fibaro. All my light and roller shutter module are Fibaro.


    Once they are setup everything works perfect so far. Do you have any specific questions about some modules?

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    Thanks @jeroen_ - that's it for now. I wanted to get some info regarding compatibility of non-Fibaro switches/sensors. There is very little documentation online and it is sometimes difficult to know if they work or not. I'll be in touch in case specific questions come up! 

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    hey @jeroen_ - do the aeotec multisensors 6 work ok with HC2? All the 6 sensors are recognised? Have you compared values or performance with the Fibaro motion sensors for example? 



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  • Hi @aromboli


    They work ok, but I haven't compared them. The only thing I don't like about the multisensor 6 is that I can’t turn off the Led light. This should be possible with a firmware update, but I do not own a z-wave stick and updating through HC2 is not possible. I needed them because they can measure humidity and I like that they can be USB powered.

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    @jeroen_  - thanks, yes, same reason here, there are not too many humidity sensors that work with HC2.


    What's your experience with the Netamo station? 

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  • @aromboli, I like the Netatmo station a lot. I bought it for the CO2 sensor in the living room. Now i use it for outdoor (temperature, humidity rain and wind), living room (CO2, humidity and temperature) and the children’s room (temperature, CO2 and humidity). The CO2 is important to check for fresh air and control the CMV automatic through fibaro and I have humidifiers in the living room and children’s room to prevent a low humidity, but this isn't automated (yet).



    I don't expect the values to be perfect, but they are good enough to use for automation. Below an example of the co2 in the living room from last Sunday. Around 8:00 am we were up and in the living room, after 10:am the children were in bed and my girlfriend was to the supermarket, around 11:30 my parents visited us and they left at 14:00, at the same time the children went to bed again, my girlfriend went to a birthday and I was outside making a new power plug. After that we had dinner with the 4 of us and around 7:30 pm the children went to bed again and we went to bed around 9:30PM to watch some tv in bed. FYI above 600 the CMV is on low and above 900 it is on medium. Below 1000 the airquality is considered good.


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    /monthly_2020_09/afbeelding.png.699fddcac8b1be9c1cdb6072c393e412.png" />


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