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Two door/window sensors can't control the same light



Hi there folks,


I have a room with two doors and one light.  Each door has a door/window sensor with an association to the light.  


If you open one door, the light turns on.  That's good.  But then, if you open the other door, the light turns off.  This is not desired behaviour; the light should remain on, until a door is closed.


Why is the opening of the second door causing the light to switch off?


For both door/window sensors:

  • Parameter 11 (2nd association group triggers) = 0 (default value), "switch after opening and closing".
  • Parameter 12 (Association for opening - value sent) = 255 (default value). I have also tried a value of 99 with the same result.
  • Parameter 13 (Association for closing - value sent) = 0 (default value)

All other parameters have default values. 


The status of the light is shown correctly in the app/web UI at all times.


If the associated device (it's an FGS-223) is sent 255 by the first sensor and it turns on the light, then it is sent 255 by the second sensor, why does it turn off the light?  255 means "turn on", not "change your state"... what do I miss here?


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@Greenhippo 20. Switch type This parameter defines as what type the device should treat the switch connected to the S1 and S2 terminals. Available settings:

0 - momentary switch

1 - toggle switch (contact closed - ON, contact opened - OFF)

2 - toggle switch (device changes status when switch changes status)

Default setting: 2 Parameter size: 1 [byte]


Is 20 set to 0?

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  • @akatar  Yep, you are right.  I was thinking of the same thing.  I have momentary switches throughout.


    I've also noticed the following: if you turn on the light using the switch (or the app) and then open a door, the light turns off.  Again, it's not the desired behaviour.


    Any suggestion how to solve it?  All I can think of is to stop using associations and create two scenes:


    Scene 1: "if either door = open, turn on light"; and

    Scene 2: "if both doors = closed, turn off light".


    This would have the advantage of keeping the light on until BOTH doors are closed, which is the ultimate desired behaviour but it means once again having to involve the controller, which increases unreliability and slows everything down.  This should be possible using associations...


    Any good ideas? 


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  • Inquirer
  • I tried changing parameter 20 of the switch to 2... the door/window sensors have the same behaviour.


    Desired behaviour: Opening the door will turn the light on (or do nothing if the light is already on)

    Actual behaviour: Opening the door will change the state of the light (turning it off if it is already on)



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    It seems that the switch is in toggle mode.


    The only advice i have is to use scenes


    if sensor 1 OR sensor 2 is breached -> light on

    If sensor 1 and sensor 2 is save -> light off


    if there is any delay it's in the switch, there are more people on this forum that has problems with the switch2


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  • Inquirer
  • Update: Even using the scenes we both suggested above, it didn't work... the second door opening still caused the light to switch off, even with the scene specifying "Turn On" (not "Toggle"), it resulted in turning OFF the light.


    I have therefore found the solution by adapting the scene like this:


    IF (door 1 breached OR door 2 breached) AND (light off) --> light on

    IF (door 1 safe AND door 2 safe) --> light off


    This all seems to be quite a workaround, due to some kind of inadequacy with the switch2 -- as you wrote.

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