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Help to get wire my garage gate with FGS224



Hello all,


I would like to make my garage gate smart. I think that the FGS 224 or FGS 214 modules are the right ones, because I need potential free contacts, as it is stated in the manual. (Rademacher Rator, approx. 20 years old, but still properly working ;-)


Currently I already have installed a momentary switch (one button) to control the movement of the gate ( up, stop, down).


Now I would like to set up a FGS 224 or FSG 214 to control the gate via Fibaro.

I already have some experince with roller shutters and heaters but unfortunately not with a relay switch.


Can you guys please help me to wire the it correctly? 



Is it correct to use tgr IN and Q1 teminal to connect the relay switch with the momnetary switch?


Which settings do I have to use? I just ne a short pulse to start and stop the movement of the gate. 


Does the FGS 214 have any advantages over the FGS 214 for my "project"? The state of the gate is transmitted by a position sensor which is attached to the gate.


Thanks in advance.





Thanks in advance!



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Good Morning


Look this is easy.
Since I don't know exactly what you want to do, it is a little difficult to say what you have to set for the parameters.
Take a look at registers 150, 152 and 154, these are the ones with which you can set the impulse behavior of the output.
I enclose the manual.
Oh yes, just connect your button to input I1, then wiring should also be easier for you.


I hope I was of help.


Greetings Frank



Guten Morgen

Schau mal das ist einfach.
Da ich nicht genau weis was du machen möchtest, ist es etwas schwer zu sagen was du bei den Parametern einstellen musst.
Schaue dir mal die Register 150,152 und 154 an das sind die mit denen du das Impulsverhalten des Ausganges einstellen kannst.
Das Handbuch füge ich bei.
Ach ja schließe deinen Taster einfach an den Eingang I1 an, dann dürfte die verkabelung auch einfacher sein.

Ich hoffe dir geholfen zu haben.

Gruss Frank


Please login or register to see this attachment.

Please login or register to see this attachment.

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  • Inquirer
  • @FBerges Thank you for your quick respons.



    The wiring should be clear now for me.

    I will connect the output terminal of the button with the IN termial of the fibaro module.


    The fibaro module should take over the funktionality of the button 1:1, meaning only give short pulse to open, stop and close the gate. Is a pulse of one second enough or even to long?


    I have checked the prices for the FGS224 and FGS214. Both cost almost the same. What would you recommend to use? The needed installation space seems to be the same.


    Thanks and best regards





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    I also have 1s as an impulse for my Rademacher garage door.
    Which one you take doesn't really matter.
    You can no longer use the second output because it is already bound to the drive.

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  • @FBerges: Thanks again for your quick respons.


    I saw in your profile that you live in the Sauerland, then we are almost "neighboors". I come from a wondeful city which is called "the gate to the Sauerland".

    You probably know which I mean  ;-)


    Best regards


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  • Hello all,


    obviously my FGS224 broke down and is not working any more. It is not responding anymore and it is not possible to re-configure or exclude it from the Z-Wave network. Additionally the built in LED does not show any reaction.

    Unfortunately it is already the second one which only survided a few months using it in with a Rademacher Rator 43.. to open and close my garage door. 

    The first one was replaced under warranty by fibaro.


    Until yesterday it worked propperly. But as I tried to manually start the scene on my smart phone (fibaro app widget) to close the door this morning, it does not react anymore. 


    The module is wired as following:


    L an N of the FGS are connected with the same L and N which the drive is connected with.

    Q1 of the FGS is connected prallalel to the existing momentary switch (Wago clamp with red an white wire on the picture)

    IN of FGS is connected parallel to the existing momentary switch (Wago clamp with yellow and black wires on the picure)


    S1, S2, Q2 were not connected.


    It was configured that Q1 got an impulse of 1s if the device was triggered in the firbaro app or scene was manually started on my smartphone.



     @FBerges Can you please help me? You seem to use a FGS for the same purpose with a Rademacher garage door drive. Did I anything wrong or is it just misfortune that the two FGS borke down? 

    In my opinion I did not use it out of spec. Can it be a problem to operate the module directly in the housing of the drive? Can there be any electromagnetic fieds which can lead to that failure? Mayby caused by the capacitor of the drive?


    Thank you very much! 






    Please login or register to see this attachment.


    Please login or register to see this image.

    /monthly_2021_05/1747080619_SceneFGS224Garagedoor.PNG.2bfe2f917302e78749d8e2836f56d665.PNG" />

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