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Dahua CCTV camera integration


Hello everyone,

i'm new in this forum, i work a lot with security system and i'll try to make a lot of security senarios! 😃


i'm a bit in doubt about how the application work, i can see the camera from the home center, but as i open the camera in the app it seems that it does not work.


any idea? 


i have successfully added some IPC from dahua and i want to share what parameter i have used:


camera model OTHER



the pattern of the JPEG is:



where channel=1 is the camera channel (change 1 / 2 / 3 ecc in base of your channel  &  subtype=1 is the substream where you have set JPEG


prewiew settings: MJPG


than set IP address


port 554 or 80 


JOB is done! if something don't work you may have to check camera parameter in the web interface of your CCTV camera!


now i have only to understand how to see it from mobile, 😂😂 

i'm using admin account so i don't thing is a troubble permission connected issue


another curios thing,


if i use this on my NVR5216-4KS2-V2  Which is the network video decoder, i can see the Video door phone camera in H264!! a see that everyone have wrote that it can't be done..


i got a VTO4202F that have mainstream (h264) & substream (h264) can't be implemented directly to fibaro.

i use DAHUA NVR5216-4KS2-V2 to record VTO as a securitiy camera 24h/24h. 


i have added a new device in fibaro

put the NVR IP address, 

username, password, use port 80

cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi?channel=YOUR VTO CHANNEL&subtype=1 



the job is done!

I hope this will help someone!




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I want to ask you if your IPc is connected to NVR or no.

If yes, the ip address you used the one for camera or NVR 


Regarding the app which app you are using fibaro or home center?



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