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Not all thermostats are supported

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The thermostats from McoHome on home center 2 are still not showing on the app, I have posted this in the forum when the new app was released and there is not a fix introduced yet. 

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On 1/9/2021 at 11:56 AM, SmartHomeEddy said:

Are you sure it is not an “access” issue. You gave access to the thermostat? 

Can you explain what you mean by access? I have the same issue with the app and I only have one user (admin) on my system. My Heatit thermostats do not appear in the current release of the app or the beta. In addition, my Aeotec garage door controller does not appear and my Aeotec LED smart bulbs' status are not updated in the app. In the Fibaro for iPhone app they all appear and work.

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17 minutes ago, SmartHomeEddy said:

To give users of the app access to the devices (and scripts, heating zones, alarm)







Sorry, I'm not understanding this. Is there a way to block access to just the thermostats from appearing in the app? Since this all works in the other app and they are running on the same phone, access should not be a problem. And other devices work on both apps in my case. Just seems like an error in the app to me unless I am missing something.

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