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one wallplug (FGWP102) repeatedly lost



One wallplug, within a meter from my HC2, is being lost quite regularly (lost communication). In that situation it is sometimes sufficient to pull it of the wall to revive it. Other times a "soft reconfiguration" would help. But now I had (for the third time already) to remove it from the system and install it again. Quite anoying, reconfiguring, the plug, one script and one remotec controller. All my other wallplugs, including two next to the "bad" plag, work just fine.

There is no responding script linked to this plug.

I use one do-it-all script for the daily routine. It does nothing special with this light, just checking its state at certain moments and switching it on/off just as any other light in the same room.


Any suggestions or is this just a faulty plug?

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12 minutes ago, Theo said:

All my other wallplugs, including two next to the "bad" plug, work just fine


Exchange places with your faulty plug and a good one.

Had also a plug that lost connection. Did a place swap with a working one, and the good one looses connection know, and the faulty one stays oke. So I think it's not the plug.

There is also nothing in the vicinity that could interfere with the signal.

This all started with the beta update from  HC3 to beta 5.61. maybe coÏncedance.

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  • 3 hours ago, Flash said:

    Exchange places with your faulty plug and a good one.

    I swapped the function (and thus also load) of two plugs. Lets see what happens the coming period.

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    To answer your initial question Theo, it's not a faulty plug. It rather seem to be a bug in the firmware/communication protocol which has not been mended although it has been noticed for years now. That is an extreme badwill for the Fibaro system as it makes the system total unreliable.


    I noticed this problem long time ago and it happens very often but only at a certain spot in my house. The two first times I had the "faulty" FGWP102 exchanged by the dealer but then I realised that there was no problem with the specific device. I have in total 19 pcs of FGWP102 and have moved them around and the same issue happens with any of the other devices if placed on the same spot although the Z-wave signal when testing with a wall plug is fully ok. The plug suddenly drops dead (communication failed), unfortunately normally when it's on. The plug can't be switched on or off and it does not report any power info.


    When manually switching it on with the B button it goes on for around 2 seconds and then it switches off.

    When checking for FW update Status: says that "queing the question" for a second and returns with "Up to date". The might indicate that it actually can communicate with the wall plug but my opinion is that the FW version is never read from the wall plug itselves but rather from the device table in the HCL. The FW update check is not registered in the Notification center.

    When trying a soft reconfiguration one can get the info "Waiting for node to wake or synchronise". The Notification center indicates "Comminication failed" and the process never ends but have to be aborted manually.

    When the problem with the communication occur the device configuration is changed from Configured to Not configured (although all configuration seem to be unchanged in the HCL).

    The only way to solve the issue is to exclude the device from the system in a conventional way ( three rapid pushes on the B button). and then add the device again (then it is registered with a new ID).

    However after excluding the device it is still left in the device list. You can check the FW update. You can start a soft parameter update etc (without success of course). When the device is excluded it should of course disappear from the device list, especially when there is no historical power consumption to bother about. 



    HCL FW 4.00

    FGWP103 FW 3.2

    Parameter template: 741

    Z-Wave protocol type: 3

    Z-Wave protocol version: 4.24


    Fibaro, this is embaraceing bad! If your system should be looked upon as reliable system you have to solve this issue immediately. Note that this specific issue is not occurring when changing from the Fibaro wall plug to one of two of your competitors wall plug, when placed on the same "problematic spot" in my house. This fact is also mentioned i other posts.

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    I have this problem too.
    The socket, which works in one place for a maximum of 7-14 days (repeatedly removed and included in the system for re-commissioning), works in another place for 6 months.
    I believe that this is related to signal retransmission and interference in place. My location was under the ceiling above the refrigerator.
    However, I noticed that when this happened, mesh communication took place shortly before the crash. Whether it was the case when he was the last member in the mesh, or the mediator of retransmission.
    The same socket in another location (at the floor) still runs and is directly connected to HC3 (the apartment is in the same room and 5m further than the one under the ceiling).
    Maybe this finding will help in finding the error.
    And yes, the place where I needed to solve the switch is without a problem with the socket of another manufacturer.

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