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FIBARO System Update 5.080 for Home Center 3


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Dear users,

Thank you for using our gateway! Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy new features and improvements.

Important Notices:

The following software update removes energy data collected during the use of versions lower than 5.072 beta due to a changed strategy for handling reports.

For all Z-Wave devices which feature meter capabilities (power, energy, gas, water, etc.) soft-reconfiguration procedure is required due to improvements in support of those device types (not applicable to updates from version 5.072 beta).

Update 5.080 includes a new version of the Z-Wave software (called Z-Wave 3.0). This version features expanded default device support, the ability to add products using Smart Start technology and many other changes. Please note that this is a beta version engine and its compatibility will be developed with further updates - not all Z-Wave devices are fully supported.

ATTENTION - installing version 5.080 does not automatically change the existing Z-Wave 2.0 software to 3.0. In order to run version 3.0, it is necessary to restore the gateway to factory settings, requiring the system to be configured from scratch. In future updates we will work on extended device support and provide a mechanism to migrate your current system configuration to the new Z-Wave engine.

CAUTION - updating to version 5.080 is not recommended if gateway connection feature is in use. Due to an issue resulting in Z-Wave engine switching, devices added to slave gateways may become unavailable. The issue will be resolved in the next update.

Main features:

1. Z-Wave Software 3.0

New Z-Wave engine version 3.0 - in order to use it is necessary to configure the system from scratch. Currently it is not possible to migrate the system in version 2.0 (current) to version 3.0 (new).

Version 3.0 includes the following changes:
Simplified mechanism for adding devices (Smart Start).
Support for improved encryption mechanisms (Security S2).
Streamlined process of advanced device parameters configuration.
Possibility to update device software from a file.
Extended compatibility of Z-Wave devices (more devices, additional features).

2. Yubii Ecosystem (Home Center 3 & Yubii Home)*

Changes to the Yubii Ecosystem device support:
New features related to operating speed for selected devices
(also available from block scenes and notifications).
Support for further Nice devices.
Support for configuring device parameters.
Redesigned configuration wizard.

3. Energy Panel

The first part of functionalities we are providing in the brand-new Energy Panel:
Eye-catching energy data visualisation interface.
Preview of energy data generated by devices using renewable energy sources.
Preview of individual and aggregated data related to energy consumption at home.
New Savings tab and Panel Settings window.

Caution: the data presented in the Energy Panel is only an estimate due to the measuring accuracy of the devices involved in the calculations.

4. Gateway Connection

We have introduced a mechanism for linking HC3L and Yubii Home gateways. It is possible to connect a master HC3 with HC3L or Yubii Home, which operate in slave mode. This allows to create a smart home system based on HC3, HC3L and YH products. Please note that the master panel can only be HC3. Note - linking of control panels only works within the Z-Wave 2.0 engine.

What's new:

Tooltip with description on user synchronization button.

Brand new alarm control dashboard, available to any user.
Possibility of arming and disarming individual zones and the entire house.
Information on the zone tile how much time has elapsed since arming/disarming/alarm.

Column with backup size information.
Information in api about the Z-Wave engine version on which the backup was created.
Warning before restoring a backup contains the Z-Wave engine version when it differs.
Space for cloud backups is increased by 25MB on master HC3 for each connected gateway.

Wider range of temperature to be used in schedules.

Icon in the header indicating that there is no internet connection.
Device limit on YH/HC3L replaced with a recommendation of their maximum number.
Correct scrollbar in the main menu.
Live refreshing the value on the right device control panel.

Notification of required device reconfiguration after its updating.
Possibility of interrupting a queued device update process.
Possibility to set a favourite position for grouped roller blinds.
Refreshed Z-Wave configuration parameters support if selected the new Z-Wave engine.
Info on the Advanced tab about the security level the device was added with.
Marking devices added in security mode with a lock icon.
Increased the limit of 20 characters for the device name to 60 characters.
Improved operation and support of power and energy meters.
Added support for upcoming firmware updates of FIBARO Heat Controller (FGT-001).
Support for FIBARO Smart Implant (FGBS-222) version 5.2.
Changed the default icon, role and category of the Rehau RE.GUARD device.
Possibility to upload the parameters template to Z-Wave device from .json file (ZW 3.0).
Possibility to delete parameters template which overrides the official template (ZW 3.0).
Extended list of official templates for Z-Wave devices (ZW 3.0).
Support of scale and unit for Z-Wave devices in parameters templates (ZW 3.0).
Console log of detecting the Z-Wave device and starting the adding process (ZW 3.0).
New mechanism of devices calibration (ZW 3.0).
Restoring the default device icon if uploaded icon no longer exists.
Changes in energy data component on device advanced tab.
Availability of configuration parameters based on device interfaces.
Possibility of setting the virtual power metering and using it in energy panel.
Support for Heatit Z-Smoke Battery version 4.1/4.2.
Support for Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter.

New category of devices in adding process.
Pairing of Elero devices possible with the new adding wizard.
Dedicated section in the main settings menu for Elero and Nice.

Brand new energy panel, available to any user.
Support of devices that consume and produce electricity.
Display of production, consumption, and energy balance for selected time period.
Comparison of the energy balance for the last three time periods.
Top three devices that consumed the most energy during the current time period.
Detailed energy consumption data displayed by room or device category.
Filtering of detailed energy consumption data by room or device category.
Panel Settings window which allows to configure more options related to costs.
Possibility to choose the billing period by setting its length and start date.
Possibility to set up the tariff by choosing the currency, main rate and additional rates.
Possibility to set up the installation cost and installation date.
New Savings tab including summary of consumption and energy balance in time.
Toggle switch on General and Savings tabs to display data in kWh or using set currency.
The interval for storing historical energy data changed from one hour to 15 minutes.
Displaying the energy balance from the main energy meter if configured.

Gateway Connection
Possibility to use Yubii Home and Home Center 3 Lite as slave gateways.
Adding and removing devices on connected YH or HC3L from the master gateway.
Possibility to add slave gateway connected to subnet used by master in Wi-Fi connection.
Blocked connecting of gateways with new version or different versions of Z-Wave engine.

Possibility of setting m/s as a wind speed unit.
Accepting global variable values longer than 20 characters.
Setting the main energy meter available for devices with specified interface and rate type.

Enlarged clickable area on the button with information about new events.

Support in scenes for actions with specified roller blind movement speed.
Notifications available as scene triggers.
Possibility of setting the configuration parameters.
Redesigned wizard of adding new devices.
Dedicated section in the main settings menu for Nice and Elero.

System notification for possible scene update when wind speed unit has changed.

Saving the name of device or scene after pressing the enter key.
New, Danish language version.
Current Z-Wave engine (version 2.0) selected by default on engine selection window.

Added Husqvarna Automower plugin with support in scenes.

Quick Apps
New variable type - secret variable, designed for passwords.

Capability of creating multi-line messages for e-mail and push notifications.

Possibility to select the Z-Wave engine version after resetting to factory settings.

Bug fixes:

Mobile devices assigned to removed users are not deleted or reassigned.

Unexpected new line character in backup description.
Incorrect Z-Wave engine version in uploaded local backup (ZW 3.0).

Image from a camera using digest authentication does not arrive via e-mail.
Preview tab is not active after saving the paths and address of IP camera.

Negative values greater than -1 are displayed as positive.
Rebooting the gateway results in resetting the counter of used devices.
Incorrect rounding of values with at least 2 decimal places.

Changing the temperature sensor belonging to linked device does not activate the heating.
Door lock may be in wrong state right after being added.
Inverted state logic for door lock custom icons.
No possibility to configure endpoint as output when configured as input before.
FIBARO Walli Controller (FGWCEU-201) does not work in security mode.
Incorrect value of parameter 14 for Heatit Z-TRM2fx.
No possibility to add custom icons after factory reset of the gateway.
In some cases, removing the device from the Z-Wave network fails (ZW 3.0).
For some devices setting the association fails (ZW 3.0).
Incorrect multichannel reports handlings (ZW 3.0).
Incorrect descriptions of parameters in Heatit Z-TRM3 device template.
No possibility to switch off indications from the device for the energy panel.

Device after binding is always assigned to default room.
After adding and performing one action, the device is unavailable and does not respond.

Some data is not displayed when using the remote access connection.
Energy consumed by a device with virtual power measurement is not saved each 15 minutes.

Gateway Connection
Master gateway does not update the device states after rebooting slave gateway.

No icons and labels for some events and actions.
No units for values reported by multilevel sensors.

Access Points of the same network are displayed as separate Wi-Fi networks.
Wi-Fi network unexpectedly disconnects, and gateway retries to obtain an IP address.
Wi-Fi module is always switched on after reboot of the gateway.
In some cases, connecting to Wi-Fi network fails.

The stop action for grouped roller shutters does not work.
No possibility to add a device for which the adding process was interrupted earlier.
Error when trying to control several shutters simultaneously.
No translations for notifications in block scenes.
No possibility to create and edit scene with Nice device.

E-mail notifications for addresses containing a plus character are not sent.

Tooltips do not disappear automatically and cannot be closed by clicking on them.
Swagger is available via remote access but is useless.
Z-Wave service status in Installer App is displayed incorrectly.
Translations on Yubii Home are not generic and refer to FIBARO Home Center.

Problems with gateway start-up on large systems (ZW 3.0).

No display of data stored in the Dahua plugin.
Unable to trigger a scene via Satel alarm outputs.
Some Sonos devices are not discovered by the plugin.
Blocked UDP ports prevent the detection of some devices on the network.
Fibaro Heat Activator plugin does not work (ZW 3.0).
The plugin view is not available in the mobile app.

Buttons of Quick Apps which are available in scenes are not available in profiles.
No actions available for devices (ZW 3.0).

Quick Apps
UI elements do not refresh when changing properties.
Action setColor does not update the colour property of colorController device type.
Error after updating the Quick App file containing a hyphen in its name.
Save button is active even though there are no changes.
The Quick App view is not available in the mobile app.

No possibility of creating scene with action for group of devices.
Incorrect interpretation of home arming status based on the status of the partition.
No possibility to set scene with push notification if user with mobile device was removed.
Incorrect property set when selected the disarmed condition block.
Incorrect actions in block scenes for FIBARO Intercom.

Insufficient timeout for requesting gateway update status.
Never ending loader on devices update page when no devices to be updated (ZW 3.0).

Known issues:

No energy data collected during the use of versions lower than 5.072 beta.
The ROI calculation functionality does not include a quantity factor.

Gateway Connection
Slave gateways without a completed first configuration switch to Z-Wave engine 3.0.

New Z-Wave engine 3.0
Overriding the temperature set in heating schedule is not possible for FGT-001.
The schedule overwrite functionality of Z-Wave thermostats does not work properly.
Not all Z-Wave devices are fully compatible with the new version of Z-Wave engine.
In some cases, device adding/removing fails - gateway needs rebooting to retry.
Gateway connection is not available in the new Z-Wave engine version.
No support for FIBARO Heat Controller error notifications.

* - does not apply to HC3L (Home Center 3 Lite)

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