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Can't add FGRGBW-442 to the HC3


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In a home with 66 devices added to HC3, I have 3 Fibaro FGRGBW-442 that I cannot add to the HC3. I tried reset to factory defaults several times, I tried disconecting them and reconect them to the power supply, I tried several times to add them (in default adding mode in 5.110.15) and with S0 Security enabled, Reseting to factory defaults again and still, none of them connects to HC3. 

The other FGRGBW controllers in the house works just fine but they were added before the 5.110 update.

Does anyone had the same problem science the update?

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Are those won't configure properly or even do not detect the modules during inclusion?

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I think it would be interesting to know if they respond to a DELETE command. Then we know for sure that the modules are OK. You can do this with your new HC3!


I am going to copy/paste a procuder, I gave et least 20 times in 10 years, and it is still valid ;)


Any controller can exclude and reset any z-wave device at any time. So put your HCx in "delete" mode (devices tab) like you would if you would want to exclude a device. Then perform the "right exclude click sequence" on the device, it is in the manual of that device, it will be the same as the "include" sequence. Many Fibaro devices allow you to use S1 for that, and a (small) button on the device. For the FGRGBW-442 the procedure is "Quickly, three times click the small button on the module." The fact that your current HomeCenter is not the original hub (the one that included the device) does not matter. Any controller can exclude and reset any z-wave device at any time.
The Exclusion procedure for "FIBARO RGBW CONTROLLER 2" for example (other devices have similar procedure but best to check the manual):
Removing (Exclusion) - Z-Wave device learning mode, allowing to remove the device from existing Z-Wave network.
To remove the device from the Z-Wave network:

1. Place the module within the direct range of your Z-Wave controller.
2. Set the main controller in remove mode (see the controller’s manual).
3. Quickly, three times press the small button on the module.
4. Wait for the removing process to end.
5. Successful removing will be confirmed by the Z-Wave controller’s message.
Again, you may think: "this won't work because the device was never included on this controller" but that does not matter. Please do try it, it will work, I am 100% certain. It is a feature of Z-Wave.

If instead of getting a "deleted" message (step 5) you see the controller keeps counting down until it times out... the HCx did not "hear" the module and something is wrong. A rare, but possible cause is that your module and controller have different frequencies.

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