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Smart Home Forum by FIBARO Team

FIBARO System Update 5.112 Beta for Home Center 3


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Thank you for using our gateway! Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy new features and improvements.

Main features:

1. Redesigned Settings page for better user experience.

Changed the tabs order in settings.
The possibility to easily manage devices using new filtering options in Devices tab.
Easier removal process for all device types.
Settings of main devices moved from General settings to Devices settings.

2. Factory reset feature available in web interface.

Perform factory reset of the hub from General settings.
Now it is possible to enable additional actions which should be performed during the process, like removing cloud backups or removing connection to remote access. 

3. New approach to configuration of Electric meters for Energy Panel.

Configuration moved from General settings to Energy Panel settings.
Now it is possible to choose how energy and power should be measured.

4. Changed Scenes and QuickApps limits for Yubii Home and Home Center 3 Lite gateways.

Due to performance improvements, the limit for scenes has been raised to 40, and for QuickApps to 10.

What's new:

Non-admin user gets logged out from the interface when enters wrong PIN during arming a zone.

Improved handling of set-points step for control of thermostat from sidebar.

Added device roles to sensors and meters.
Support for Z-Wave parameters translations in languages other than PL and EN.
Consistent device removal processes for Z-Wave engines.
Device icons service improvements.
Support for Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5.
Support for Qubino 1Phase Meters.
Support for Popp Outdoor Siren.
Support for Fibaro RGBW Controller (FGRGBW-441)**.

Revio SW device support.
Improved marking as dead function.
Improvements in pairing process.

Improved support for data from removed devices.

Improved support for PLN2+ (BiDi) devices.
Improved marking as dead function.
Added parameters queue for battery operated devices.
Improved error handling during pairing process.
Simplified binding process.

Added system notification about available migration from HC2/HCL systems.
Added possibility to skip network configuration during FTI process.
Added possibility to set the gateway name during FTI process.
First Time Installation (FTI) process improvements.

Thermostat & Heating Zone plugin - added additional two options to override time.
Support for "Partly cloudy" weather condition in weather provider.

Improvements for rooms and sections management.

Possibility to change the scene name in opened edit page.
Silent movement mode used in Simple Scenarios for blinds and shutters if supported.
Added additional weather condition support (partly cloudy).
Support for thermostat fan modes in Block Scenes.
Added skipping actions to hidden devices in Simple Scenarios.

Disabled support for TLS version lower than 1.2.

Gateway Connection tab removed for YH and HC3L gateways and moved to General settings.
Devices counter/limits moved to General settings.

Improved support for remotes.

Minor changes in Zigbee settings page.
Improved generic device support.

Bug fixes:

Setting a new PIN requires typing each digit twice. 

Devices order may be incorrect after using a drag & drop function on device tiles. 
Non-admin user can click "settings" icon on device tile which results in 404 errors. 

Separating inputs from outputs for Smart Implant.
Wrong set-point limits for some thermostats.
Gerber GP-2000 does not report states correctly.
Not possible to edit a previously created Linked device if no master device was chosen. 
Removed duplicated control buttons for blinds and shutters from the mobile app control dialog. 
Heatit Z-Temp2 does not work correctly when using secure mode. 
Issues with listing associations in Z-Wave devices if more than 2 targets are set in one group.
Overlapped associations groups description in some languages. 
OFF/MAX modes not showing on FGT-001 history graph. 
Created sprinkler (linked device) has a role "light".

Issues with displaying states and control of awnings. 

Issue with displaying summary consumption when the main meter exists in some configurations. 
Issues with loading graphs in some languages. 
Decreased performance in panel settings when changing tariffs in some cases.

Gateway Connection
Not possible to request neighbors update for Z-Wave devices from Slave gateway.
Not possible to set temperature offset for devices from Slave gateway.
Not possible to change "Mark if unavailable" option for devices from Slave gateway.
Rare Master gateway crash during synchronization of devices.
Impossible to add a new Slave if it was configured using new FTI process (introduced in 5.111 Beta).

Wrong temperature units in panel after changing temperature unit.

In some cases HC3 fails to boot if there is no network configured. (issue introduced in 5.111 Beta).

Not possible to read Nice device parameter value on demand. 
Not possible to pair a device by authorization via remote when using ON3EBD.

Unable to finish FTI process when changing the superuser login (issue introduced in 5.111 Beta).

Read-only Satel outputs trigger the scenes after user interaction. 
2N Helios plugin does not work correctly.

Quick Apps
Issue with refreshing views for QuickApps after user interaction.

Simple scenarios not available in voice assistants.
Not showing saved value in block scenes condition for multilevel switches in some cases.
Not showing saved Time interval value in block scenes conditions.
Impossible to create a new Simple Scenario when Scenes limit is reached.
Scene with group action - active Save button when no changes were made.
Global variables are not being refreshed in scenes engine after creation and removal.

FGT-001 update fails in some cases.**

Issue with displaying queued configuration parameter values for sleeping devices.**
The Z-Wave engine on rare cases crashes during the process of adding devices.

Known issues:

Z-Wave Engine 3.0
Some Z-Wave devices are not fully compatible with the new version of Z-Wave engine.
Gateway connection is not available in the new Z-Wave engine version.

*  - does not apply to HC3L (Home Center 3 Lite)
** - applies only to Z-Wave Engine 3.0

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