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Controller Shift : from VeraPlus to HomeCenter 3 ?

Node Central

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Having been a committed Vera user for quite a while, is it possible to shift all my registered z-waze devices on my VeraPlus to the HomeCenter 3 ?
Avoiding the need to exclude all nodes from the Vera and (re)include them on the HomeCenter 3  ?

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In theory you could try adding HC3 as secondary controller to Vera, then transfer master role to HC3 and remove the Vera from network.
It should work with new Z-Wave 3.0 beta engine on HC3.

I am not sure if it is possible from Vera side, in theory Z-Wave certification mandates that it should be possible.

BUT there may be some issues later, HC3 will get all Nodes alongside with all security keys for communication etc.
Those devices must be configured in HC3 by reconfiguration...
All mains powered devices should just work after that if we assume that those will accept other Node as "Lifeline destination" (reporting association group) - I have seen some devices which hard-codes this for NodeId = 1 which is of course not compliant with specification. 
There may be a problem with battery operated devices as they will try to wake up to NodeId of old controller so it won't be possible to change any settings in them including "Lifeline" association destination from the HC3 perspective. 
Maybe Vera allows somehow to alter those settings (Wakeup destination and Lifeline destination) to NodeId of the new controller - before removing it from the network of course.
As with mains powered devices there may be some battery-operated ones which just not follow the specification and won't accept other NodeId in network as "Wakeup desination" and "Lifeline destination". 

It is great in theory but... Do not recommend it, it just may not work properly or there will be other challenges to overcome or even without any solution.

The best course of action is to start from scrach.

It is up to you :)

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  • Topic Author
  • 4 hours ago, m.roszak said:

    The best course of action is to start from scrach.

    Thanks @m.roszak, i was afraid of that :-) 


    i have 60+ z-wave devices connected to my old VeraPlus unit, and while most are mains powered, many are behind wall sockets/switches which will not make them easy to get to. It’s such a shame the transfer from one controller to another is not made easier. It’s been in the back of my mine for a while whilst I was looking at the HC2 originally, and now the HC3.


    Are you aware of any way to do a more selective z-wave node transfers, perhaps where i can somehow obtain the current node id, security keys  etc. used on the VeraPlus and then write them to the HC3 ? (If I recall correctly, a Z-Wave network backup is formatted like a text-file, and contains lines that read like: "47,183,126,1,5,8,1" with first number being the device node number.) ?

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    Unfortunately Z-Wave Eeprom generally differs from stack version, it is impossible to just copy it - those are not being stored in the same way. 
    There are migrations from specific version to newer ones, but not all.

    You can assume that it is not possible unfortunately. 

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  • Topic Author
  • Thanks @m.roszak, it’s such a shame that there’s no easy route for moving nodes from one controller to another, as it would address a lot of concerns people may have about the hassle of having to exclude and (re)include everything if you ever want to move.. 


    While I have very limited knowledge of the inner workings and mechanics of z-wave , SUC and controllers etc, I’d like to think that at it’s core it’s just node IDs and (security) keys, which if you own them, it would be great if you could just choose the controller you want to ‘own’ that node (and the move would be done ) :-)




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