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FIBARO System Update 5.150 for Home Center 3


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Thank you for using our gateway! Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy new features and improvements.


    When upgrading the system from version 5.141 Beta, an error may occur during backup procedure. The system will restart, but will remain on the old version. The solution can be found here:


Please login or register to see this link.


Please login or register to see this link.

        Yubii Home: 

Please login or register to see this link.

Main features:

1. Added Auto and Manual Mode support for Elero devices.

    From now on, for devices that support mode switching, you can exclude specific devices from automation (such as scenes or profiles) by changing a single option in the sidebar.

2. Added Z-Wave Network Diagnostics tab.

    Now, for both versions of the Z-Wave engine, the system allows for the analysis of traffic and network issues for diagnostic purposes.

3. Added Support for Nice and Elero devices in Gateway connection.

    As part of expanding the system's capabilities, support for Nice and Elero protocols has been added in Gateway Connection feature, improving connectivity between hubs.

4. Improvements in access management configuration

    The list of mobile devices has been redesigned in the access settings. Access to newly added alarm zones, climate zones, and profiles is now automatically granted to a new user if the 'all' option is selected.
    Information about the last synchronization with the cloud service is now visible on the users' list. New selection controls have been added to facilitate granting access to specific devices, scenes, zones, and profiles.
    Additionally, a fast and easy method for inviting users to the system has been introduced.


What's new:

    Performance improvements for backup list and status requests.

    Added the ability for the administrator account to hide "Add Device" and "Add Scene" tiles on the dashboard in general hub settings.

    Binary rain sensor is now available as an optional device for the sprinkler to prevent from watering. 
    Improvements to device adding visuals. 
    Added the ability to filter system notifications by supported notification channels.
    Improved support for the Aeotec Multi-Sensor 6 (soft-reconfiguration required).
    The camera preview tab is available only if a camera device has been configured.
    Improvements to Roller Shutter linked devices.
    Improved navigation for scene creation from device advanced settings.
    Organized roles for blinds in Linked Devices.

    Organized the list of roles and categories for devices.
    Added hysteresis settings for humidity controller and thermostats in Linked Devices.
    The integration of the Qubino 1Phase and 3Phase meters has been simplified to improve handling in the system.

    Improvements for waking up Elero devices.

    Improved selection menu for energy meter configuration under energy panel settings.
    Improved tooltip readability for tariffs in the Energy Panel.
    Power measurements for hidden devices are now excluded by default.

    Added information during FTI if user is not able to change Z-Wave engine version when some devices are already added to the system.
    Added the ability to restore user backups saved in the Cloud during the FTI process.
    Improved Z-Wave engine selection during FTI for hubs no longer connected to the Master gateway.

    Added the ability to perform a sequence test and manually start irrigation from the Garden Panel.

    Improvements in handling dead devices.
    Added support for partial opening state for gates.
    Added support for battery-operated devices synchronization.

    New tooltips visuals.
    Added a notification for automatic system restore in case of instability.
    Limited recovery loop in case of both systems failure.
    Hidden sensors can now be selected as primary sensors in rooms.
    Reboot is no longer needed after the first system configuration.
    Minor UX and UI improvements.
    Improvements in user password validation.
    Refreshed modal appearance in the interface.
    Increased character limit for variables in the hub.
    Database optimizations.

    Removed redundant actions for Elero venetian blinds.

Quick Apps
    Improved auto-naming of QuickApp elements and labels.
    Added switch support.
    Added dropdown list support.
    Changes for control identifiers.
    A RefreshStateSubscriber class has been added to handle system events with methods for subscribing, unsubscribing, and starting/stopping event listening, providing better control over event-based actions.

    Added support for custom thermostat modes to the block scene editor.
    Improved the "True for specified" time option setting for conditions in the block scene editor.
    Added the ability to manually start watering sequences from a scene.
    In block scenes, added new blocks related to the energy panel: Current Production, Current Consumption, and Current Balance.
    Added automatic authorization for API of system elements in Lua.

    Added sorting the list of available updates for devices.**
    Hub update section moved to Settings → General.
    Device update section moved to Settings → Devices.
    Minor translations fixes.

    Added default naming of newly paired devices.
    Updated general compatibility with devices on the market.
    Added possibility to force removing of not working Zigbee devices.

    Added support for smoke, pressure, gas, volatile organic compounds, vibration, and presence sensors.
    Added support for device role settings.
    Added support for device's temperature sensors.

    Stability improvements.**
    Improvements in "marking as dead" function.**
    Added support for Qubino Flush Shutter DC devices.
    Changed the default wake-up interval value for known old-generation devices.
    Updated support for Aeon Multisensor 6.
    Added pin support for Danalock V3 lock.
    Introduced fixes for removing damaged Z-Wave nodes.**
    Added support for old-generation FGFS-101 and FGK-101.

Bug Fixes:

    Fixed behavior for local backup limit.
    Fixed occasional backup execution issues.

    Unable to edit climate schedules if a thermostat in that zone is hidden.
    Resolved an issue with thermostat handling from the climate panel for Fahrenheit units.

    Removed redundant buttons for multilevel switches from the sidebar.
    Permanent "Transfer Ok" caption on device tile for Elero devices in rare cases.
    Incorrect presentation of color temperature control for Zigbee devices.

    Fixed Z-Wave devices parameters values scaling after the "Reset all" action.
    Hidden tiles for the Smart Implant device no longer stay hidden in certain situations.**
    Qubino 3-phase meter has redundant tiles presenting voltage per phase (soft-reconfiguration required).
    FGT-001 setpoint graph not always correctly drawn.
    Downloading the device template loops in some cases.
    Fixed color controller handling in Linked Devices.
    Fixes for Linked Device support for blinds.
    Fixed linked devices entities list after opening the "General" tab in devices settings.

    Inversion settings for awning and pergolas does not work correctly.

    Fixed issues with generating a weekly savings graph incorrectly.

Gateway Connection
    Walli Controller configuration from slave gateway issue.
    Changing the description of the device added to the slave does not work.
    Setting favorite position for devices from slave gateway does not work.
    Fixed the inability to configure Lifeline association for devices from Slave hub in some cases.

    After restart of the gateway system overwrites parameters for BiDi-Multi Sensor to default.
    Fixes for handling parameters for BiDi-Multisensor.
    Resolved issues with Nice ON4E remotes.
    Partial opening button missing for Nice gates.
    Missing waiting icon for pending actions when changing parameters for sleeping devices.
    Improved handling of low battery notifications for BiDi-Multisensor.
    Fixed Nice device handling after backup restoration.
    Fixes for device parameter configuration mechanism.

    Issues with securely added devices before the migration to HC3.
    Addressed database overgrowth issues.
    Corrected language version for status messages in Recovery mode for selected scenarios.
    Fixed password character count validation to 10 characters.
    Remote access granted to support extended to 14 days.
    Minor UX and UI fixes.
    Occasional issue with web interface content not loading.
    Overwriting room categories to "Other" during editing in the modal.

    Added RTSP stream support in web UI for Dahua plugin.

    Incorrect reporting of Tedee lock status during temporary loss of cloud services.
    Fixed handling of latch retraction for Tedee lock.
    Fixed generating a new authorization code for Tedee lock.
    Minor fixes in Dahua camera plugin configuration.
    Fixes for CoolAutomation plugin.

Quick Apps
    Fixed assigning QuickApps to rooms when adding a new integration from the Dashboard.
    Fixed Fahrenheit handling for thermostat-type QuickApps.
    Fixed handling of special characters for secret-type variables.

    Addressed issues with lua scenes on autostart that didn't work in selected scenarios.
    Fixed control for Fan Modes in thermostats when triggered from block scenes.
    Filled out missing translations for thermostat actions in block scenes.
    Fixed renaming scenes from the editor.
    Fixed action handling for thermostats (temporary schedule override).

    Next device target can now be updated from a file without reconfiguration.**
    Fixed a bug producing incorrect status of the first target file during an update for a sleeping device.**

    Fixed granting permissions for empty rooms.
    Stylistic fixes for dark theme in access management.

    The Philips Hue color setting when device is turned off does not work.
    Fixes for forcing device removal.
    Improved ZigBee device counter in the configuration tab.

    Fixed temperature conversion for the first Fahrenheit reading.
    Fixed estimated next device wakeup time display.
    Improved communication performance.
    Added support for new versions of MCO devices - MH-S412, MH-DT411.
    Eliminated issues with zeroing wakeup time for FGD-002.


Known issues:

Z-Wave Engine 3.0
    Some Z-Wave devices are not fully compatible with the new version of Z-Wave engine.
    Gateway connection is not available in the new Z-Wave engine version.
    Simplified integration of the Qubino 1Phase and 3Phase meters will be available in next hub version.

* - Does not apply to HC3L (Home Center 3 Lite).
** - Applies only to Z-Wave 3.0 engine.

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