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Smart Home Forum by FIBARO Team

Irrigation Control standalone 1.0

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About This File

Irrigation Control standalone


Finally a solution that brings seamless and easy Irrigation control to HC2. This solution overrides all limitations of the HC2 sprinklers panel. With this solution it is possible to set watering duration up to 100 minutes. Also no more overlapping zone watering times. Adjustment of watering is done according to current and forecast weather and rain amount and then zone watering start times automatically adjusted so there is no more overlapping and pressure drops in the system. Your beautiful garden will stay beautiful with this solution :-)





  • Watering delays and duration adjustment - Works with Weather State & Forecast suite and 7 most popular weather services on the planet to automatically adjust or delay watering depending on current and forecast temperatures and rain precipitation
  • Irrigation pump control – If irrigation system has water supply pump then user can setup pump device ID and irrigation control will take care to start pump before watering cycle starts and stop pump when watering cycle is finished.
  • Sprinklers panel - Works with HC2 Sprinklers panel and overrides panel limitations of 15 minutes watering duration and eliminates overlapping of watering zones by recalculating and setting of zones watering start times depending on adjusted watering duration times
  • Watering cycles - User can setup any number of watering cycles with VD and then save them to sprinklers panel with one press of the button. Cycle watering start time and zones watering duration and weekdays all can be setup with this VD and then transferred to sprinkler panel.
  • Auto and Off mode - User can set all watering zones to auto or off mode at once with press of a button
  • Manual watering - User can activate any selected watering zone manually with preselected duration. Great option for maintenance and check of the sprinklers.
  • Watering state at a glance - VD icon shows current overall status of the watering system by changing VD main icon and label accordingly.
  • Watering history – VD is recording all watering cycles times and durations per zones and weather state and forecast measurements. Separate VD is provided for displaying history data.
  • Multi-language support - VD has built in multi-language support with 27 languages included (see APPENDIX 1 for the list). VD can use HC selected language or user can select any other available language. E-mail and push messages are also translated

  • VD Icons setup - Easy setup for VD icons. User can download HC2 Icon Preview VD to easily

    find icon ID numbers

  • Global variables - are automatically added, monitored, repaired and cleaned and does not require user intervention



Please check provided User Manual



  • Irrigation Control VD v1.0
  • Irrigation History VD v1.0
  • Icon packs
  • User manual EN v1.0



Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and its documentation for educational, research, personal use and non-profit purposes, without fee and without a signed licensing agreement is hereby granted, provided that the copyright notice, with "Terms and conditions" and "Disclaimer" appear in all copies, modifications and distributions. It is strictly forbidden to sell, rent, lease and/or lend this software for profit without prior consent from the Author.



This software is provided by copyright owner "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall the author and distributor be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

Fibar Group S.A. and their employees are not responsible for support of the ABC VD. Please contact the author Sankotronic, on the Fibaro Forum, for any questions or support required.



  • 1.0 - First public release



  • Irrigation Control VD main loop stops running on error:  attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) . This can happen ONLY under the following conditions:
    • User uses only Weather State & Forecast VD for weather check without any of the Netatmo solutions
    • Weather State VD main loop Netatmo settings are all set to false
    • Weather State & Forecast VD current and forecast weather data is older than 3 hours
  • In some cases history dates are wrongly sorted and also weather data is wrongly deleted.
  • Solution for above issues is to download corrected Irrigation Control VD main loop code and paste it over current code: Irrigation Ctrl Main loop v1.0.2.lua.zip  (updated 02. June 2021)


Look and feel:




Enjoy coding and your new Irrigation Control! :-)




Edited by Sankotronic
Irrigation Control VD main loop issues and solution

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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

@Sankotronic thanks for nice module :). I have tested it for a few days and I pretty like that. You did a great job!

Anyway I have one point how it should be improved, if it is possible :).

Is it possible to add functionality when I am able to start my cycle at anytime I want? That functionality I had on my classic Toro Evolution unit.

E.g. I set that for cycle one my zone 1 is on for 15 min, zone 2 for 20 min, zone 3 for 10 min and it is set to time 20:30. But sometimes I want to start that cycle on different time (when I know that we will have some party on garden at time when usually my spprinklers are irrigating garden). Then it will be nice if I can just set irrigation of that cycle manual anytime. Is that possible?

Or if this is too much complicated, is it possible to adjust behaviour of your module (or add some settings) that when I manually start all my zones at once, that they will not start all at once, but one ofter one as it is when I use cycle.


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Hi @janikjan,


You can just change start time of the automatic watering cycle with H+, H-, M+ and M- buttons and then save it with 💾 save button. VD will take care of everything else, recalculate and set new watering start times for all zones and then start watering at this new cycle start time. What I mean is that with this VD you do not need to go to HC2 Sprinklers panel anymore since all settings can be done from VD.


I trust this can't be easier as it is :-)




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@Sankotronic I use only your module, not Fibaro sprinklers panel :). But what you wrote is also good. Actually I do no know why I did not think about it like you :). You are right that I can do it like you wrote. Good solution too. I just need to little change my habits I have from previous Toro Evolution controller. So thanks for you idea how to do that :).

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Hi @janikjan,


Thank you again for using my work and for feedback and suggestions. I'm listening to you and will do my best to improve it for UHAS on which I'm now working hard to make it available as soon as humanly possible.


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Hi @Bodyart,


Don't be jealous because UHAS compatible versions are also ready to be published. Besides UHAS versions have some more advantages over standalone ones. As I mentioned, I'm working hard on UHAS and as soon as I finish remaining few modules will make it available.

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