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Smart Home Forum by FIBARO Team

Automatic Icon Downloader 0.6.0

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About This File

Automatic Icon Downloader


What does this device:

Device can automatically download from dedicated web-page all icons that you use to your HC2. The device can be used by installers to easily download their favorite sets of icons to new HC2, by end users to get back icons after recovery or any other purpose. Device before uploading any icon to your HC2 check if any of selected in IconSet already exists so it should be safe to click on "Download to HC2" button many times.

This solution has to separate parts: vd and portal. 


Version history:

0.6 - first published version of AID


To Do VD:

- future version of virtual device will be updated automatically from internet if user agreed to do it, after HC2 restart


To Do portal:

- next version will support adding user device icon to library (on, off, state 1-10)



1. Download and install virtual device.


2. Go to: www.grace-land.pl/fibaro/aid portal to get your IconSet. Current version looks like below.


Please note some important things:

- HC2 keeps your icons in 4 separate groups: devices, virtual devices, scenes, rooms. It means that if you want to use one image as room image and virtual device image it needs to be added twice - that is why portal items are divided into four groups (for user convenience - each group has different color)




How the portal works?

You just check all icons in each group you want to add to your IconSet and then click "Get your IconSet".

Please remember that you can edit this IconSet later. 



What if I have icon/s that is not in portal library?

There is option to upload your icons and make library bigger. In this case you click on "Add new icons" button. You will be redirected to new page.

Please note some important things:

- You can upload many files and many groups in the same time,

- All icons will be checked before upload. Icon needs to be: PNG file, 128x128 size, unique [portal checks if this icon exists in this group*], no bigger then 1MB (one icon),

- You will see preview of icons that you want to add but without category,

- For now there is no option to add "device" icons. I am working on it to make it simple,

- You will get status whats was added and what not.




How to edit my IconSet?

You need to know your IconSetID and then click on "Edit your IconSet" button. Page will refresh and all icons from your set will be automatically checked.

What you need to do is to check more icons or uncheck unwanted icons and then click "Update your IconSet".

Please note that VD doesn't delete icons from your HC2. 


3. After you have your IconSetID there is time to configure virtual device. In this case you need to provide some information.

a) In VD information please provide IP and TCP port.

IP: grace-land.pl

TCP port:  80

b) In Advanced tab scroll to button and replace needed credentials.

c) click "Save".

Please note that virtual device only downloads data so there is no risk in providing credentials. 

sv_user = '[email protected]';
sv_password = 'Y0urP@ssword';
sv_automaticDownloaderId = 'iconSetID_from_website';





4. Your device is ready to use. You just click on "Download to HC2" and wait. All needed information is in debug for vd button.
Device before uploading any icon to your HC2 check if any of selected in IconSet already exists so it should be safe to click on "Download to HC2" button many times, but it will take a while.




Have fun!



Every of icons on portal [grace-land.pl/fibaro/] aid library are not my property.

The code wasn't inspired by the somebody mentioned in comment below - the first version of uploading I found in 2013 [https://github.com/rafikel/Fibaro/tree/master/ncplus] - and I went this way to make something usefull.





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samo VD dziala ale niby pisze sucessfully a ikon na hc2 nie ma :(. gdzie szukac ?

za kazdym razem jak nacisne download mam to samo

HC2 z najnowszysm softem


[DEBUG] 18:16:45: Connecting to HC2...
[DEBUG] 18:16:45: Connected to HC2!
[DEBUG] 18:16:45: Connecting to grace-land.pl:80...
[DEBUG] 18:16:45: Connected to grace-land.pl:80
[DEBUG] 18:16:45: Downloading iconset: 5c2b974eda8e9 ...
[DEBUG] 18:16:45: Iconset downloaded
[DEBUG] 18:16:45: 3ff3c07b984f870b80ead00e2e981ac31650e06f.png icon [21947 bytes]. Searching in HC2...
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Icon 3ff3c07b984f870b80ead00e2e981ac31650e06f.png need to be uploaded to HC2
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Uploading icon to HC2...
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Sending 22243 content bytes...
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Sended 22243 content bytes with result [ok].
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Icon sucessfully uploaded!
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: 46b4df549e2df781eb68c262a0ca4550813a9299.png icon [6425 bytes]. Searching in HC2...
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Icon 46b4df549e2df781eb68c262a0ca4550813a9299.png need to be uploaded to HC2
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Uploading icon to HC2...
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Sending 6713 content bytes...
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Sended 6713 content bytes with result [ok].
[DEBUG] 18:16:51: Icon sucessfully uploaded!

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