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Smart Home Bot

Forum for discussions, issues and thoughts about our FIBARO Smart Home Bot for Facebook Messenger.

Rules and guidelines

This category is dedicated only to topics about our FIBARO Smart Home Bot for Facebook Messenger.


Make sure you've checked the knowledge base articles about the integration:




When you create a topic, make sure to include as many details as possible: device language, assistant language, your region, region set in your settings, etc.


1. Topics not belonging to the subforum will be moved immediately.
2. Mark the best answer when you receive the answer you are looking for.
3. Avoid duplicates - search the category for similar topics first. Duplicates will be closed immediately.
4. Remember to be as factual and to the point as possible. Topics named: "Problem", "Help", etc. will be deleted immediately without any notice. Give other users a hint what your topic is about.
5. Watch your language!

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