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Found 5 results

  1. I am looking for a propane gas detector. The only z-wave version I have found, is the one by eDomotica.com, but they seem to be going out of business. An alternative would be to buy a stand-alone gas detector/alarm, and connect some output signal to a Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor. A third possibility is to build one from scratch, buying individual components for the sensor, the control and the z-wave module.This link, using Arduino, could be a start. Please note that most combustible gas detectors cover natural gas (methane) as well as LPG (propane/butane), but CO detectors are different.
  2. Hi there, I'm building a Nextion touchscreen with a arduino ESP8266 chip. I already can start scene's from the display. I'm now struggeling with a way to communicate back. Is there someone who can tell me how to send value's from a variable in Fibaro HC2 to the arduino ESPchip? I created a webserver running on the arduino and can make different actions on it i.e. /ledon runs a led on script on the arduino. But this way i need to make a different script for every single action/value of a variable. undoable when I want to send temp or lux to the arduino. Is there a way, s
  3. I need some help with json decoding. I'm succesfully got the data in HC2 from Rasspery/Pyton but I'm not able to decode that data in HC2. Any advice, please?! --starting LUA code here local smartmeter= Net.FHttp(''); response = smartmeter:GET("/index.py") fibaro:debug('Answer: ' ..response) --this is the data response coming from Rasppery/Pyton: {"Amp": 13.29, "Volt": 98.01} if (tonumber(status)==200 and tonumber(errorCode)==0) and response~=nil then fibaro:debug('Decoding...') local harduino = json.deco
  4. Somebody noticed this arduino based z-wave board? I just ordered one for testing.... http://z-uno.z-wave.me/z-wave/interoperability-with-z-wave-controllers/
  5. How do I make a Virtual device with a button what can switch the following command to an arduino nano: or I programmend the arduino like: /* ----------------------- VCC - 3.3V GND - GND SCK - Pin 13 SO - Pin 12 SI - Pin 11 CS - Pin 8 ------------------ */ #include <EtherCard.h> // MAC Address static byte mymac[] = { 0xFA,0x5A,0x51,0x53,0x5A,0x5A }; // ip static byte myip[] = { 10,0,1,190 }; byte Ethernet::buffer[900]; BufferFiller bfill; int LedPins[] = {
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