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Found 6 results

  1. Martin_N

    Why @ missing ?

    Dear Fibaro ... Why did remove the @ character from your nickname, which allowed to respond immediately to a post by sending a notification to the user. When used on a mobile device, this is a great helper of communication. Writing often complicated nickname names in text is annoying, copying texts on mobile devices is also not always successful. I understand the aesthetic reason. So is it possible to add a similar button to the nickname for a reply with a notification, as was the case with @? Thank you for the comments and contributions of other users of the forum, which annoys it .... eM.
  2. Dear FIBARO Forum user, As of 02.03.2020, we are changing the login method for the FIBARO Forum website. After this date, the only way to log in to FIBARO Forum will be to use the FIBARO ID account. It's another step into unifying FIBARO services under the FIBARO ID universal login method. Visit FIBARO Forum to discover the potential hidden in smart home devices! Improve your knowledge and skills through materials provided by our users. Share your opinion with others. If you have a FIBARO ID account, you will now use this account to log in to FIBARO Forum. If you do not have a FIBARO ID account and you want to keep access to FIBARO Forum website, we ask that you register one. Please keep in mind that if you wish to keep your profile history (content), the email address assigned to your FIBARO ID account needs to be the same as the one used on FIBARO Forum. You can register your FIBARO ID account at https://id.cloud.fibaro.com/registration Best regards, FIBARO Team
  3. The Fibaro community and its forums contain a lot of useful information. As several users have pointed out, however, it is often difficult to extract the really useful ideas from this format. Solutions and good ideas are frequently buried deep in a lengthy dialogue. Finding the right topic to browse is also a challenge. This is not a criticism but an inherent feature of a broad discussion forum like this one. The possibility to ask questions to other users and get useful assistance should be maintained. What I feel is needed, is a supplement: Somewhere to find a summary of best practice. Ideally, this should have been provided by Fibaro as part of their documentation. That does not seem to be happening. My suggestion, therefore, is to establish a Fibaro Best Practice Wiki, written by and for the users. A permanent structure could then serve as a depository for the solutions, the good ideas, and the best practice from the Forum discussions. This wiktionary could be the first place to look for anyone with a problem. If a solution is already described, it should be found there. If not, the user can post a question on the appropriate forum. Hopefully, this will result in a helpful answer which may then be added to the Wiki. A functional Wiki needs moderators. Again, it would be natural to look to Fibaro to fill that role, but if they do not step up to the challenge, I am sure a user-managed system can be made to work too. I do not have the tools to establish a Wiki system, and it would be premature to do so without consensus in the user community that this is a useful thing to do. I have, however, drafted an outline (see attachment) to illustrate how a Wiki may be structured. A formal outline like this is not strictly needed, of course, for a wiki system, but it illustrates what type of contributions I think we should try to build. The end result should be a compendium of all aspects of a Fibaro system. Your feedback is invited at both levels: Is the basic idea of supplementing the Forum with a collection of "best practices" sound? Is a user-driven wiki the best solution? Any alternatives? Is my table-of-contents sensible? Any suggestions to change or supplement it? Best practice structure.pdf
  4. I have noticed recently that I get fewer responses to my queries on the Fibaro Forum. It could be me, of course : maybe my questions are uninteresting, too complex, or badly presented? Or is the Forum less active than it used to be? When I joined about a year ago, I was pleased to get quick and very constructive responses to several posts. Last month I have posted a handful more, with very limited response. Is this a general trend, or just my personal experience?
  5. Hello I am trying to download files from some of the posts (vfib files) but none of the downloads work - the forum gives me an error. What can it be? Example: Trying to download SONOS_Remote_v1.0.1.vfib from http://www.domotique-fibaro.fr/index.php/topic/616-fibaro-hc2-vd-sonos-remote-t%C3%A9l%C3%A9commande-pour-diffuseur-sonos/ Receiving the error: Sorry, you don't have permission for that!eiv I am based in Switzerland and wondering why I get this error. Best wishes, Frank
  6. Hello FIBARO Community, We have an annoucement to make. In a few days, you will see a new structure of our Forum. It will provide you with better experience and it will be more intuitive. New subforums were created, some of already existing subforums reordered/renamed or moved into certain sections so that topics would be in order and they would be easier to find. As you can notice we divided software updates to separate subforums in "FIBARO System Update" and "FIBARO Mobile Update". Moreover, we separated tablets and smartphones updates. Each update will be posted as a new separate subforum. First topic in every subforum will contain a changelog. Then, you are welcome to create new topics related to the new update. Please, share your insights and comments. Remember to check topics before you post in order to avoid duplicates. If you share an opinion with another user simply post within a topic or leave +1. "Crowd’s Solutions" – this subforum replaces Knowledge Base. You can share your solutions with the community. Note that you should attach files and/or configurations in the first post (keep it updated in case of any changes). Note, as well, that this subforum is dedicated for working solutions or requiring just a little help to be complete. This subforum is not a place for questions how to create a scene, VD, panel, etc. "Community Support" received a slightly new structure. We introduced “Newbie Zone” for new users of home automation. As you can see “Scenes, Virtual Devices, API” subforum is gone. All topics related to configuration, scenes, etc. should be posted within a subforum of given gateway. "FIBARO Community" is a place where you can discuss subjects concerning home automation and our Community. You can see a subform titled “Crowd’s Ideas”. You can post your suggestions regarding home automation, either products, integration, etc. “Community Comments” was created for your general suggestions on the Forum itself. These are the changes we made. We will be glad if you let us know what you think about the new structure of the Forum!
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