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Set Global Variable API Command?


Morning all!


Been trying to figure all the documentation all last night about Global Variables and the API. I can look at the status of a variable but no idea how to set it using the API?

Does anyone know the line for setting Global Variables using the API?



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In Fibaro it should be something like bellow:


PUT HC_IP/GlobalVariables/variableName HTTP/1.1

Host: your_HC_IP

Authoriation: basic [username:password in base64]



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Hi, thanks for your reply.


That seems like what you would put into a virtual device and not something like:

http://admin:[email protected]:80/api/callAction?deviceID=63&name=turnOn


a one line HTTP command


Hi, sorry for delay


Well, what i posted last time, that is some change of json body and that will properly change a XML file, where i believe are global variables saved. Basicly every informations are in some XML files.


I believe there is a transformation from XML to JSON for better working with Fibaro devices o global variables properties, such as creating some VDs where you can change properties of scenes.


And i do not know about one line HTTP command. Please, contact fibaro support by a phone and email for some faster response from them if they know something.

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