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[Tutorial] Z-wave diagnostics with PC Controller and Zniffer

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1 hour ago, Moucha said:

it's probably a mistake but I wanted each apartment to have its own unit, later I merged them for easier operation. It's probably not good, but the idea that I'm redoing it - ufffff :( (


I wouldn't know for sure if it's a mistake. If your system works / is stable then I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.


Potentially silly question, node id 59 - do you need to measure the motion as often as you do? if not, i'd consider reducing motion reporting to reduce traffic.


Otherwise, you really need to watch the zniffer for a while and see if anything else comes up... "anything" meaning recurring frames from the same device in a short time frame.



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Today is great day for z-wave community, the whole SDK for Devices and Gateways, and complete Z-Wave documentation can be free downloaded from silabs.com website (all you need is to create an account

i think this is part of the "move to 700 series" path. One can get all older files from support, but if you don't have customer id, here the direct external (public) link to them:   Zniffer

Define "everything"   As I said:     And:   EDIT: by flashing "serialapi_controller_static_ZW050x_USBVCP_EU.hex" found in the SDK I was able to put back my stick

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Good day
thanks again for the reply :))
are you right that I don't need to report so often for 59, will I limit it to SI in parameter 150,151 ?, Thank you very much

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I can't answer that question for you. It depends on what you are using the motion sensor for.


Where I have multi sensors I usually disable the sensors I do not use, for example where I am using a fibaro motion sensor for temperature only I disable motion, lux etc so minimise on traffic and extend the battery life.

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I have one spare ACC-UZB3-E-BRG for sale

New, unused. NL

PM for interest

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i have a problem when i click read in NVR tab, my zusb disappear to list of com port and after 30 seconds i have a errore message


any idea?

i try another usb port, same result


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How do you get the "sniffer_ZW050x_USBVCP.hex" file. I have looked all over the site referenced in the post but cant find the firmware. I have downloaded all the SDK files, yet nothing.


Can anyone help point me to the right location? Could the link have been removed?


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16 hours ago, petergebruers said:


I get this even though I am logged in

Insufficient Privileges
You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. For more information, see Insufficient Privileges Errors.
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If you get "access denied" on Silabs download links... You probably did not yet download any of the Z-Wave SDKs and accept the license. I did that many years ago so I cannot test that (I already have access and I do not know how to revoke it.)


IMHO this should work though:


On 11/17/2019 at 3:06 PM, petergebruers said:

Seems you need to download and accept:


"Z/IP Gateway Software Development Kit", this is




Then as I said:


Register an account
Download Simplicity studio
Run it and select you want to de Z-Wave development and want Z-Wave SDK
You'll notice "request access" along the way.
In Studio there is a tools button, hidden under that is newest Zniffer and PC program.


The Zniffer firmware is in the older version of Zniffer, as @tinman already posted:



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Originally I could not find the link to the Zniffer download @petergebruers posted the link, which worked. Prior to downloading the link I had registered and downloaded the SDK, programmer and Controller. I installed the programmer and controller, and the USB driver.


It all worked for me and I was new to this whole Zniffer thing.

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