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Most devices unconfigured after a backup



Yesterday I made a backup of my HC2 (version 4.180), which I do from time to time (usually without problems).

After the backup it restarted, and then 36 of my devices were "not configured"!

A lot of devices that I had hidden in the user interface, reappeared.

The unconfigured devices are impossible to configure. They just have a status of "reconfiguring", and that's all, for many hours.

The devices don't work, of course. If I try to, say, adjust i light dimmer, it says "configuring" and then nothing else.

No response from Fibaro support either.

I tried to restore a backup. No change.

Please, wise forum, help!


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On 7/19/2018 at 10:45 AM, chaicka said:

Have you tried restore to a different backup before the last backup?

Thanks, I tried it and it works!

The only problem now is that my HC2 status is back to April, when I took my previous backup. A lot has been done on it since then. I guess I´ll have to restore the faulty backup, save my VD´s etc. and reimplement them in the April version. But after doing that: How can I take the risk of making a backup again?

I´m frightened by the fact that it was the making of a backup that caused the system to fail!

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