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Develop a fibaro Plugin


Hi guys!


recently I bought a fibaro hc2. 

there was said to me that I can develop my own plugins.

But I can't find any documentation for it... (the http://developer.fibaro.com) isn't existing anymore only it redirects me to the Rest API section and Lua documentation 

I really wanted to build a plugin so that the devices of Plugwise "http://plugwise.com" are compatible with the fibaro. (i know that it is possible)


Hope that some of you can help me. and have documentation or something else where I can work with  



Kind regards,


pepijn dik

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18 hours ago, 10der said:

Start develop VD, plugins now closed for for mortal men. ;) 


Still is a good question for Fibaro will allow again any plugin development in the future, getting the fact that they do some face-lift on the app (no hopes, but still is a question) 

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it would be great if it worked:roll:







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You can upload using an interface called Postman and instructions on a certain french forum I'm probably not allowed to mention.  It also has some interesting plugins.


BUT... you lose your installed plugins when you update Fibaro HC2 - which since it happens every 2 weeks or so is a big drawback...


It is interesting that Fibaro apparently won't let us accept the risks at our own cost.  I would be willing.  Also compare how many useless non-working plugins there are because Fibaro cannot keep them updated.   Also look at (say) Homey and see how many apps there are...

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Dear Fibaro,


can you respond to this topic please because I think this section the plugin is something that should make the HomeCenter big. 

I'm looking for instance for openHAB because of the big amount of plugins that they got.  If you look at https://www.openhab.org/addons/ you see how great this section looks, how easy it is to see what you want and also make adjustments or something. 

And to be honest there are already big programmers leaving Fibaro or looking for other systems because you won't let them make plugins so people can use them. not only see that here on the forum also with the frensh domotique forum are lots and lots of complains about this seciton.

There a lots of great programmers here and as a example @Sankotronic (sorry to call you name but maybe good point to start this discussion ) can make his great VD's like netatmo or very smart lights into a plugin that would be great. I think he should like it to making one of them, and i don't know if he asked this already to you.  

Want to compete in the future with other systems this section has to go top level and not in 1 or 2 years but now if you ask me.


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When I started with Fibaro HC2 2017 I saw the DSC plugin. As I have a DSC alarm I tried to use the plugin. The person who made that does not even know the difference between a zone and a partition. Crappy plugin with no usable features. Therefor I asked Fibaro (after looking at the developer API docs) if and how to act to create a better one with more features. For free.... They gave me the very same answer as seen in this thread. I.e that it was no longer possible.


Therefor I instead as a work around created a VD https://marketplace.fibaro.com/items/dsc-power-series-alarm-integration. I got good feedback on that. But still.... There are however features that want to add that is simply not possible to do with a VD, but can be done with a real plugin. And some features that I have added was tricky to accomplish as the lua docs about what is limited in the sandbox is non existent. Sharing with guys like sankotronic, tinman and petergebruers solved a few things. 


So I also want a good answer from Fibaro. I think of leaving the Fibaro platform as it is so locked. And if you have problems, you cannot even look at your own logs as the system is locked regarding access to the underlying OS (I guess it is maybe possible to open the box and boot in single user mode though). And Fibaro rarely answer questions.

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