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Dimmer 2 and AR111 G53 LED 12V spotlights



Hey all, I'm planning to buy Dimmer 2 to control spotlights in my kitchen. I've asked in a local Fibaro store for an advice on how the whole light installation should look like to allow Dimmer 2 to switch on/off and dim the lights. The guy said I would need to use 230V powered lights (at least that's how I understood it) - so GU10 in that case, and the use of a transformer in the circut might be a problem for Dimmer. The case is that I would like to have AR111 lights and there's much more choice in the market for ones with G53 socket rather than GU10 - in fact most AR/ES111 GU10 offer more than 15W+, while I would like to keep it around 10W each bulb. The question then is - do you have any experiance connecting 12V bulbs + transformer with Dimmer 2? Is it really a problem? or it just requires to use a specific transformer to work? Any tips are greatly appreciated.


Attached some pictures on how I believe they would like it to be and how I would like it to work.

PS. I'm no electrician, so forgive me if it's missing anything important.


Thanks in advance!

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I'm not an electrician too, but at the manual page of the Dimmer 2 you can see the following:


As a dimmer it operates under the following loads:

  • ..
  • 12V operated ELV halogen lamps and dimmable LED bulbs (with electronic transformers)
  • ..

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  • Absolutely agree, and I thought exactly the same - though, don't get me wrong, I've read the manual as well, it's just the guys in the local store that keep me confused.


    Here's something I'm up to buy as a my light source:

    Please login or register to see this link.

    I'll be looking for an electronic transformer to reduce from 230v to 12v - not sure which one exactly yet.


    I'm just hoping this can be supported by Dimmer.

    When I looked for a transformer in a shop, they asked whether I know which protocols are supported by Dimmer? Does anyone know? i.e would DALI 12v Transformer suit for Dimmer 2? or Dimmer expects no dimmable controler in the transformer?



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    Usually the transformer is put close to the light fittings for two reasons, voltage drop  and radio interference.

     If you are going to “remote’ position your transformer… LED  loads are a fraction of the size of old halogen technology so usually voltage drop isn’t a factor but this

    will need to be taken into account if your distances are long with the use of  larger 12v cables .

    Interference depend’s on the type of transformer, long secondary cables can become ariels and cause radio interference.

    You want a transformer  thats  either 12v  wire wound or electronic thats designed for long secondary runs. Wire wound are larger,

    give off more heat and aren’t as efficient but are usually cheaper than speciality electronic.


    Re dimming most dimmable transformers will work except for Dali. Don’t get one of those. Dimmer 2 will handle most other common load types.

    Remember  to up  size the transformer rating , add your total watts together X it by the voltage which give you VA which transformers are rated in

    I would  go 1.5 times the size of your full load. This is due in part to power factor.

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    Thought i might add a little. I have installed a lot of these combinations, AR111 or QR111 dimmable LED with trailing edge transformers. 

    Easy, well maybe not.. I am an electrician and will always recommend that you get someone qualified to do any electrical work in your home.

    On paper it seems easy but incorrect wiring and indeed working with live circuits can have serious consequences...

    I know that many will however do the work themselves so hence this reply.


    Please , to all,  dont buy cheap material to save a few euros, buy the good stuff, i am not promoting any  company but believe me this is not where you want to cut corners..

    The most important step is to find compatibility , meaning simply ,transformers that matches LED bulbs.

    I see that Verbatim stock both items and have made recommendations for loads etc.

    I would buy a the Product No: 52900 transformer (0-70wat halogen /0-45 watt LED) and the 3 LEDS reflector bulbs , 10.5 watts.

    Turn off power, check and then check again,

    Connect in parallel (like your drawing) , and follow connections from manual fibaro.

    (Use wire ferrules in and out of fibaro dimmer and give 10 to 15cm of wiring between your dimmer and mains using wire connectors ), This way you can work on the dimmer without pulling on connections.


    Make sure that the cable from transformer to light is no longer that 2,5 meters, see post above, if longer put the transformer in the center and run 2 cables out.

    Also make sure the transformer is placed right way up with lettering facing upwards and dont "pack" it in( give it some room to keep cooler).

    Use a double insulated, fire resistive  cable,  2x1,5mm. 


    You might have to make small adjustments in the advanced section of your dimmer if you experience light flimmer / pulsing at high or low level,  set minimal dimmer level and drop auto calibration and set up manual with trailing or leading edge etc..

    This might not be necessary, it depends on the compatibility of trafo and LED and fibaro dimmer.

    I usually use a simple impuls switch and adjust parameters 7 and 8 for dimming level and time, with double pressing setting to max value.



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    /monthly_2019_05/61NRxwXJdUL._SX466_.jpg.4fab31e9da18776f71b1944b77f92c0f.jpg" alt="61NRxwXJdUL._SX466_.jpg.4fab31e9da18776f71b1944b77f92c0f.jpg" />61n0yHncZQL._SX425_.jpg.815ab87c755189e6f998f3134cdd4aa6.jpg




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