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HC3 Quick App for controlling AC units





I am trying to create in HC3 a quick app which is controlling my DAIKIN air condition units. The interface and possibilities offered by quick app are very limited, especially from controls point of view where I have access to buttons, labels and sliders. I'm struggling actually to write code in order to avoid different operator actions(I mean, I would like to make this interface usable by anybody not only by myself): for example it would be nice to have the possibility to disable one button if the action performed by that button is already performed (if the AC unit is in AUTO mode I would like to disable the AUTO button) or it would be nice to have the possibility to change the colour of some controls (for example if for some reason I am losing the connection with the AC unit I would like to show a message to the operator but in red colour).


Anyway, at the end I am sure that I will be able to control the AC units by using this quick app but still there is a lot of place to improve in order to make it more user friendly.  Can you imagine that I have to set the temperature by moving a slider. More than that, because I have no possibility to change the limits of the slider, I have to write a lot of code which is actually ignoring or issuing some error messages when wrong values are selected. Is not a big deal of writing code but there is a huge difference between DAIKIN app interface and the interface which I can design in Quick App. See below some screenshots.


Is there any possibility to call some external apps from HC3, for example the apps designed by DAIKIN for managing the AC units. Or, do I have the possibility to call some routines which are programmed in some other programming languages which are a bit more flexible?

Thanks in advance, 



Daikin APP:

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/monthly_2020_05/image.png.b72afceb284b4e6b5938f8c471fdacb2.png" />


My App:



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translated File to Dutch


as soon as I have my units I will help with the development 


Gr Rex


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Is anybody still working on this?

I have 3 perfera units from 2020.

It looks like it sees the unit which I'm testing with, but no command seems to work, not even the on and off button.

Maybe because of a new firmware update to work with the daikin residential controller?

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I decided it makes sense to summarize my findings on the topic so far, although they are more informational than providing a one-stop solution.


Newer Daikin AC units, equipped with the BRP069C4x WiFi module, are only accessible over the (so far not externally accessible) Daikin cloud and no local connections to the unit can be established. However, there are some great resources on the Home Assistant forum, this one in particular - 

Please login or register to see this link.

. So far, the guys there found out that:

  • Depending on your internal AC unit, there might be an option to add the previous version WiFi module BRP069B42, together with the EKRS21 cable. This is to be confirmed by your local Daikin dealer/representative.
    • Following this path you should be able to disable the newer WiFi module (or keep it running, if you wish to use the Daikin Residential Controller app) and access the unit locally, using the QA shared in this topic.
  • You could use the token saver tool, created by one of the members there (found in 

    Please login or register to see this link.

    ), as described for Windows 

    Please login or register to see this link.

    • Open CMD and navigate to the folder containing tokensaver-win.exe
    • Execute tokensaver-win.exe "daikin-login" "daikin-password"
      • Note that this token expires - it looks like every 30-ish days or so, and needs to be refreshed.
    • Having the token, you must be able to see the unit. How to do that... unfortunately is beyond my abilities, I hope someone can take it from here.
  • Daikin units (as well as Mitsubishi, and probably other Japanese vendors) support some Asian/Japanese mostly used home automation protocol, named Echonet Lite. It seems that it has been reverse engineered and there is a

    Please login or register to see this link.

    , which is

    Please login or register to see this link.

     connectivity to the AC unit without going through the Daikin cloud. I don't know if there is something done for Fibaro in this regards, at least I couldn't find anything, but this approach might be somewhat more elegant than dumping the token every month and updating the QA manually. But again, this is way beyond my skills :)

I really hope the information above will help someone to take it from here. 


Side note - the newer WiFi modules keep broadcasting their SSID on an automatically selected WiFi channel. This obviously sucks from radio interference (as well as security) point of view, but so far Daikin say this is by design. I am trying to find a way to at least force them work on the same channel, different from my main network(s). I will update you on that.


Please login or register to see this attachment.

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Attached an overview of Daikin's vision about the cloud connectivity - it looks like they are targeting Netatmo-like integrations.
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